Navy, a Peek of Lace, Studded Flats and Layering.

So today May 6th marks My Husband's Birthday, a Special one too as he turns 35. Our Birthdays are two days apart as mine is on May 4th as you well know. Once again thank you to everyone who participated, styled an outfit, had fun with me & commented on yesterday's post. Much appreciated on my end. Please do your part and make sure to link up. =) So anyway, this year neither of us had the time or money to do any big celebration. I got a small Fruit Tart type of Cake for me on Saturday (no candles though) & I also ordered a cake for him for today albeit his says Happy 35th Birthday Piro (that is his name) but it was a surprise. He also wants a new pair of Sunglasses. He tends to lose his very often so we always buy cheapies for him. I told him though not to forget about Mother's Day next Sunday. It will be the Most Special Holiday/Occasion for me this year since I have never celebrated it before, so we will see what he gets me. It is however a holiday not really celebrated much here in Albania, but I am half-American. We tend to celebrate Mothers & Grandmothers on March 8th when it is International Women's Day.

The Outfit below includes a color I do not own a lot of: Navy, paired with a see-through Silk Blouse in a square, Geometric Print & my thin Black Leggings with Lace. I layered it with a Belt & Neglected Ballet Flats. Seriously though Vivian is looking the cutest. I absolutely love her outfit, don't you?

Dark Navy, Long Cardigan: Gruppo Fiori.
Coral, Beige, Blue & Taupe, See-Through, Silk Button-Down: The Limited.
Light, Black Capri Leggings w/ Wide Lace Trim: White House Black Market.
Mushroom/Taupe, Faux Alligator, Skinny Belt: The Limited.
Simple, Rhinestone, Square, Light Blue Stud Earrings: Forever 21.
Olive Green, Suede Ballet Flats w/ Studs: Banana Republic. 

Vivian's Outfit:
 Coral & Silver, Sparkly Cardigan w/ 1 Silver Rhinestone Button: Old Navy.
Yellow & White Shirt w/ Red Flowers & Bees: Little Wonders.
Dark Blue Jeans w/ Canvas Floral Belt: Okaidi.
Baby Pink Headband w/ Small Bow & Sparkly Bear in the Middle: Disney Kids.
Denim, White & Pink, Floral Sneakers: EBay (Gift from Her Aunt).

P.S. Linking up with LAUREN for Style Sessions.


  1. i love little Vivian's outfit!! Way too cute :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby :) I love Vivian's sweater with the hint of silver sparkles in the stripes. She always looks cute though! I like your leggings with the lace. They are fun and different! Heather

    1. Thanks Heather. Our Birthdays are so close together, it is easy to celebrate. She does look adorable.

  3. How nice to have birthday one after another! You must be excited celebrating both birthdays and mother's day for the first time.. wait until Vivian is bigger and she's getting in touch with her creative side and sing for you on mother's day.. my boys did that when they were 6 and I cried happy tears for days! Another year they made necklace for me from penne pasta from the kitchen and I was so proud I wore it the whole day (at home)! Kids are such joy.. too bad they grow too fast :(


  4. Yay for you and Viv. I love long cardigans like this, but don't have the waist to belt it like you do. cute, Ada!


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