Memorial Day BBQ Chic for the Family.

OLD Navy BBQ Day for Mom
Old Navy sleeveless top

Old Navy cotton shorts

Old navy shoes

Old Navy cross shoes

Old navy

Old navy

Old Navy BBQ for Dad

Old Navy Mens Printed Flip Flops

Hi All. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! If I was in Michigan USA (where My Family currently is), I would be spending the weekend grilling Hot Dogs, Hamburgers & Vegetables, with some Chicken Salad and mixed Garden Salad thrown in there too, sipping on Arnold Palmer + Fresh Juice & finishing off with Fresh Fruit. But indeed I am in Tirana, Albania where it is currently quite cold, it is raining a lot and we even had rain today on Saturday May 25th. So much about Spring & the beginning of Summer. Anyways, above I made up 3 sets of Memorial Day BBQ-ing days. One for Mom (me), one for Baby Girl (Vivian) and one for Dad (My Husband). I could totally see us wearing these outfits. As a matter of fact my husband has a Polo Shirt & Madras Shorts almost identical to the ones featured above. Most of the items are from Old Navy, with a few extras for the Dad, from other brands. I made these sets keeping My Family in mind, but of course I think they would work for all young couples with a Baby Girl or Toddler. 

For Mom I picked out Colorful Red/Orange Plaid Shorts that are not too short, but are super cute & match the Plaid on Dad's Shorts. I would pair them with that Blousy, White Peasant Top & add a Red Plastic Necklace w/ large Beads (I purchased practically one identical, this month). Some moms prefer sandals & some sneakers. While I love both, I would probably wear the Sandals & show off a Cute Manicure. If it got warmer I would wear the Ombre, Stripped Tank creating some pattern-mixing with the Shorts. And for later in the evening, I might have swapped my Necklace for a Colorful, Summery Scarf. The Fedora Hat & Over-the-Shoulder Bag are optional but I find them both Functional & Cute.

For Baby Girl I picked two different outfits. One is a little dressier with the Palm-Tree Dress & Bright Orange Sandals. The other is still Chic yet Comfy with the Ruched Purple Leggings, Matching Pink/Purple Butterfly Halter Tank & Hot Pink Flip-Flop Slingbacks. Of course there might be a splashy little Swimming Pool involved so I gave your Baby Girls/Toddlers a couple of Chic, Stylish choices when it comes to Bathing Suits. Love them both. I am having a hard time choosing a Favorite though I am in love with Ruffles, Ombre & the color Purple, right now. That Cute Hat is a great match with either of the Outfits and/or Bathing Suits.

For Dad I also chose two outfits. One is Preppy with the Polo Shirt & Nice Madras Shorts. The other is a little more Hip & Casual with the drawstring Sweat Pants & V-Neck Stripped Tee. The Flip-flops & Sneakers can be worn with either Outfit. My Husband would probably pick the Flip-Flops over the Converse Shoes. Of course the hat is necessary to keep the bugs & sun away from the face.

So what do you think of these outfits & the items I picked out? Would you wear any of them? I always feel for BBQs and days like Memorial Day or Labor Day, Old Navy is a great & affordable one-stop shop for such occassions. Now that I am looking above, I forgot to include Sunglasses, but consider them there. I definitely need sunglasses all the time & my husband doesn't like sun on his eyes either. Vivian has definitely taken after both of us cause the sun bothers her as well. So I would include some sunglasses & of course some Sun Protection Lotion with a SPF of at least 30 or 40 & last but not least bug spray. And voila you are ready for a picnic or BBQ outside by the lake or in your back-yard.

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  1. Love the short and the hat for mommy and love all for baby,, super cute!


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