Floral Neutrals and a Target Black Pencil Skirt.

Hi Bloggers. Today's Outfit is very similar to this Outfit. Did I take the easy way out?! I kept the same Color Palette, however it is still different enough. Sometimes Neutrals are best. This after all is still a Floral/Rose Print. There is a Silk Rose on My Cardigan (worn previously here) as well (one of My Most Favorite Cardigans from WHBM) & I kept with the Flower theme through My Necklace which was purchased in March. These Black Ballet Flats are becoming My Favorite Shoes for this Spring, though I currently own (here in Europe, not counting the ones I have in US) about 15 pairs of Ballet Flats. They were some of the best 5 bucks I ever spent.

Hahahaaa. Such a Little Girl, such a Big Personality!
I love this photo. I love it every time Vivian lies her head on my shoulder.
3/4 Sleeve, Ivory Cardigan w/ Black Embellished Flower Detail & Black Ribbon Trim (Around the Collar): White House Black Market.
Gray/Sky Blue, Rose Print, Bucket Skirt w/ Pockets: Express.
Gold Chain Necklace w/ Silver & Gold Beads & a Coral Flower Pendant: Bijoux & Accessories (New).
Black, Jet Stone, Glass-Beaded, Dangly Earrings w/ Silver Accents: White House Black Market.
Ultra-Suede & Patent Leather, Cap-Toe, Black Ballet Flats w/ Bow Ties: Jumbo.

Vivian's Outfit:
Baby Pink, Long-Sleeve Onesie: Jumbo.
Pastel Yellow, Velour, Sleeveless Bodysuit w/ Bear Mailman: Little Me.
Pastel Yellow, Stretchy Headband w/ Yellow & Lime Flowers: Made by Me.
White, Yellow & Hot Pink, Knit Boots w/ Multi-colored Polka Dots: Carter's.

I am continuing (once again a day late but it's OK, since I couldn't find any Target Accessories at the moment, though I know I have some) with the Link-up for Target Bottoms and showing you all the different ways I wore my Black Pencil Maternity Skirt while I was Pregnant. This Skirt proved to be an excellent purchase. I think no matter of when/what season I may be pregnant again, I can totally use this Skirt. Thank You Mom for buying it for me.

1. Pairing it with a Silk Magenta Button-Down, Leopard Cap-Toe Ballet Ballet Flats & Raspberry Lips for an Elegant Work Event.
2. Adding Pastels in Pink & Orange through my Tops.
3. Layering with a Gray Rose Scarf, Gray/Ivory Stripe V-Neck & Olive Military Blazer.
4. Pairing Black & Brown with a Tunic & Belting the Scarf.
5. Belting an Off-White Tunic with a Flower Pin attached to it & Boots worn with Boot Socks.
Which of the Looks above is Your Favorite? I like 1 & 5 the most.

P.S. Joining these link-up parties.


  1. I just can't get over how darn cute Vivian is! You are one lucky mama :)

    This is a great neutral outfit b ut a lot of nice details. The floral skirt, the black trim and flower on your cardigan are nice. Great job!

    1. She is so so sweet & pretty I agree. I am lucky. I feel so lucky and blessed every day for her.

      I agree Neutral but still has some interesting detail, not plain and/or boring.

  2. I love ballet flats too! I seriously can't get enough - so chic yet so comfortable! I really like outfit #4 but all are cute. Oh and Vivian is SO CUTE. Seriously!

    1. I know Ballet Flats are great. You always look adorable on yours. =) I think Outfit 4 was nice too. I had a hard time choosing favorites because I liked all the outfits I put together with this Skirt.

      Thanks so much on complimenting Vivian. She is a doll. Thanks again.

  3. LOVE the floral skirt and cardigan, so cute! Vivian looks just precious too. Two beautiful girls!

    1. Thanks so much Alison. I love the Cardigan as well.

  4. Wow love all the looks, you are gorgeous.

    I agree, I have some $5 flats I just LOVE so much, so comfy and classy looking.

    xo Haylee


    1. Thanks so much Haylee for stopping by & for the compliments.

  5. I love your outfit today Ada. By far my favorite. So pretty!!!

    Don't forget to link up to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Link Up. Hope to see you there.



    1. I will link up. I won't forget. Thanks for liking my outfit.

  6. I love the classic color combo of today's look and how simply but chicly you styled it :)

  7. This is such a pretty outfit! I really like your skirt, and the embellishment on the cardigan adds some extra fun!

  8. How adorable are you both! And that floral skirt is perfect :)
    xo TJ

  9. I like your n. 1 outfit - you look so polished and comfortable - which is very difficult to pull off.
    Ada I think you look amazing in this printed bottom and black and white top and I cannot say anything but OMG Vivian is SO CUTE, i just want to pinch her cheeks!!

    1. Thanks for liking that 1st outfit & Special Thanks about Vivian. I love the Printed Bottom too with the Beautiful Cardigan. Vivian is the cutest, I agree.


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