Saturday, February 2, 2013

Guest Post - Mary.

Hi Blogging Friends. Today I have Mary from "Style that Moves" Guest Posting for me. Mary is a College Student on a Budget, who manages to always look cute in super-adorable and super-affordable clothes found both at the mall or thrift stores. She is quite good at DIYs too. Lately she just made a couple of Beautiful Necklaces and made her own Polka-Dot Denim, too.

Title: 4 Scarves You Need to Own.
Hey there! My name is Mary, and I blog over at Style That Moves. I'm a college student trying to express my personal style on my limited budget. I'm in love with my scarves and have a pretty big scarf collection. While not everyone can or wants to have a huge scarf collection, there are at least 4 scarves that every woman should own. 
Big and Chunky
This scarf is perfect for cold winter days when you just want to snuggle up and be cozy. It's like walking around with a blanket around your neck. There's no way to be more comfortable in the winter than the huge, snuggly scarf.
I love adding bright color to my outfits. Sometimes though, lots of bright color can overwhelm an outfit. That's when a scarf is perfect. It's the perfect amount of color to add some fun to an outfit. 
Pretty Pattern
My favorite way to add interest to a basic outfit is to add a patterned scarf. Something really interesting will make a basic outfit look really special.
Lightweight Square
This type of scarf is perfect as you move into spring. They don't keep you super warm but add a pretty flare. They are perfect for dressing up a more casual outfit. If you liked this post check me out at Style That Moves. Thanks for having me, Ada!

............................................................................................................Thank you for sharing your favorite styles of Scarves, Mary. I am also a scarf lover so this was a Great Post for me. =)


  1. These scarves took great and style that moves is such a fun blog :)

    1. Thanks Ginny. It was a good idea for her to style scarves in different ways. =)


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