My Fashion Resume and Best Outfits of 2012.

I have seen a lot of bloggers do a Recap of Their Most Favorite Outfits of the past year - 2012. Since this is the first year where I posted regularly and posted at least 80% of the outfits I wore, I figured I should look back at my style for the past year. =) There were over 350 outfits from the past year, some of which were not even photographed, some of which never made it to the blog, so choosing 58 outfits as some of my most favorites of 2012 was hard. Also starting a new job in January, made me look into my closet differently. I started dressing more professionally though my work environment was pretty casual or let's say business-casual. Once I got pregnant, especially in mid to late Summer I started relying on a lot more elastic-waist skirts & flowy dresses. Then around September, I started wearing some Maternity Clothes, mostly pants. Looking back into my outfits I didn't try or wear a lot of trends this year. That was mostly due to me shopping/spending on clothes a lot less this year, and utilizing my already big closet & the clothes I had, as much as possible. You won't see many skinny colored bottoms, Mint or Coral - the colors of Summer, Chambray or Plaid, for example. Below are some Fun Facts about what I wore MOST in 2012.

Most Worn Items of Clothing: Sweater Dresses, Leggings, Dresses, Flowy Skirts, Below-the-Knee Skirts, Blouses, Maternity Tops + Pants, Cardigans & Dressy Tees.
Most Worn Types of Shoes: Flat Sandals, Loafers, Boots, Low Wedges, Oxfords & Ballet Flats.
Most Worn Accessories: Scarves, Belts, Tights, Headbands (My Signature) & Hair Claws.
Most Worn Jewelry Pieces: Necklaces (both long, short & some statement necklaces) & Stud Earrings.
Most Worn Colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Teal, Gray, Turquoise & Burnt Orange.
Most Worn Patterns/Prints: Animal Prints, Color-block, Polka Dots, Geometric, Water-color & Stripes.
Most Favorite Color Combinations: Red + Black, Yellow + Gray, Orange + Navy, Magenta + Brown & Turquoise + Red.

And here are My Favorite Outfits from each month. I grouped them into two months. Note, I haven't posted all of my December Outfits yet but plan to do so during the rest of this week & next. =)
I started my job the second week of January so after a couple months of being job-free and wearing a lot of leggings & sweater dresses, I started wearing a lot of Dressy Pants, Cardigans as well as Pencil Skirt Ensembles, especially during the first couple of months of work. I also, forgot to photograph at least 30-40% of the outfits I wore during these two months.
These two months I relied on a lot of Sweater Dresses. I also did some Dressy Pants & some Cropped Pants. A few Blazers & a few Dressier Sweaters. During March I didn't post as much, just like in February because I had computer problems. And then once I started posting, I was really behind with a lot of outfits - most of which were posted later.
 These were the first couple of months of My Pregnancy. Of course we found out about a month or so later but still. All of the outfits here are work outfits and I kept professional while still dressing colorful, girly & sassy - like myself. I am very much a Skirts & Dresses Girl as you can see. Plus it was a super hot summer.
 These months I relied on a few more comfortable, loose clothes, including Empire-Waist Dresses & Flowy Skirts, mostly with an elastic waist or high-waisted, because my belly started growing a little and I was starting to show a bit. Though during this blog I have posted mostly what I wore to work, I have also posted some weekend or date outfits, especially during Summer where my husband & I had a few dates. I didn't post any of the outfits we wore to our Beach Vacation or to the Weddings I attended, though.
As you can tell from these outfits, the first part of our Fall was quite warm. Towards mid-to-late September I started wearing some Maternity Clothes. I also relied on a bunch of Cotton, T-shirt type of tops that were comfortable, loose & perfect for a growing belly.
These last couple of months of the year, I photographed every single outfit pretty much, so there were at least 65 outfits to choose from. I utilized a lot of scarves & cardigans for layering. I also relied on a lot of stretchy leggings with long tops, blouses & button-downs for comfort around my belly. And more sweater dresses.

Fashion Resolutions/Ideas for 2013:

After looking at My Style Resume of 2012, I realize that during 2013 my style will change somewhat and I will dress quite differently. That is because I won't have a 9 to 5 job to go to every day. But mostly because I am expecting a baby really soon so I am spending this entire year to raise her. Therefore I think my style will be a lot more casual. I will still be myself in girly styles but I will rely on Comfort too, as long as it is cute. Also in 2013 I plan on Wearing (and Buying) more Skinny Jeans, Colored Bottoms (both Pants & Pencil Skirts), Leggings, Button-Downs, Tees, Scarves, Chambray Shirts, Sundresses, Maxi Dresses, Shorts, Crops, Blazers & Cardigans. I also plan on doing more Prints & Pattern Mixing, like Stripes, Chevron, Floral, Polka Dots, Plaid, Paisley, Argyle, etc.


  1. I love seeing all your looks from the year. You have some really great fashion goals/ideas for 2013. With a new baby, it will be fun to see how your style evolves. I absolutely love you in the white dress and blazer posted in Jan/Feb. Your hair looks like it has grown a lot.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I feel like my style will definitely evolve in 2013, while still being me. Looking forward to a whole new year of outfits.

      The picture you are talking about of the Off-White Dress is from a Special Red Carpet Event. That was the day/night I worked where we had the Grand Opening of my work-place and my hair was done professionally, that day. =)

  2. How fun is this!!! Darling pictures, you are so cute and I can't wait to see pictures of your baby! :)

    1. Aww Savannah, Thanks a lot. You & your baby & your husband are SUPER CUTE. Loved all of your Holiday Photos.

      I'd like to stay in touch more often so stop by whenever you can. Thanks for all the compliments. Baby Girl has 2-4 weeks left, now. =)

      Ada. <3

  3. You sure chose your best :)
    I skipped doing my favorite outfits this year because i did not like many.
    Since i am constantly evaluating my closet sometimes i wear things knowing that they look bad, which makes absolutely no sense :)

    1. I actually always look forward to your reviews at the end of the year, just like I look forward to your Closet Edits and your Purchases every month. Oh well. In general, I think you did some awesome outfits this year - don't be so hard on yourself.

      Hugs from me & Happiness on 2013!!

  4. hi ada! i love your pregnancy style! hope i look half as good when i decide to have a little one :)

    thanks for checking out and your sweet comment!

    newest follower,

    1. Thanks Natalie. I love your style as well and always look forward to make new blogger friends. Stay Stylish throughout 2013, girly!!

  5. Love the recap, Ada! You dressed very well in 2012 - especially since you had to do a little "adjusting" with your cute belly :)

    Also, I LOVE the new blog header. Very chic!

    1. Thanks ASHLEY. I tried. Thank You. You also dressed really well. Always looking forward to seeing more Outfit Posts from you.

      I thought the Header was sweet, too.

  6. Love seeing you baby bump grow. My favorite outfit is the flower skirt with the light purple top.

    1. Ohhh that skirt is gorgeous I agree. I love it. Thank you Amy. =)


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