Friday, December 14, 2012

Burnt Orange Cardi Paired with Classic Colors.

Happy Friday Friends!! To most of you Friday is a Happy Day because that means the weekend has started and you get to spend a couple of days off, both resting, spending time with loved ones and running errands. To me, Fridays are bittersweet because that means yes the weekend is close but I only have to spend one of those days off, the other one I pull off a double shift (13 hours) at work. And, at 8 months pregnant, even-though I mostly sit down at a desk and even have time to blog (while working), it is still tiresome and hectic, long and not fun.

But today, for the first time ever I am Linking Up with Lauren From My Grey Desk. I like that she is so positive on Fridays and is always Thankful for something or several things every Friday. Check Out all the bloggers over there.

So (in no particular order), this Friday I am thankful for:

1. Being thisclose to Sunday - my day Off.
2. Having my entire home decorated for Christmas. It took a while but it is forgiven if you are gone for about 65 hours a week - the time it takes for me to work plus commute there. Add on that, being 8 months pregnant.
3. The first photo on Today's Post. I love it. The little brids I decorated with, make it cuter. I also like how the cardigan matches the Faux Calla Lillies in the big porcelain pot behind me.
4. The tank-top in today's post. It is not Maternity but it is scotton, tretchy and comfortable enough to wear while pregnant. I have another one just like it in Orange & White. My mom purchased both these cute floral tanks from Target. They are the Merona brand. I also like that they are scoop-necks. They will be great for the first few months while I am nursing.
5. Borrowing from my husband's closet. This scarf is his and I have worn it a few times. I like that it is short, in a neutral color that goes with everything and it's a Cashmere blend which keeps my neck real warm.

So, I titled today's post "Burnt Orange Cardi Paired with Classic Colors" because to me Black, White, Gray and Blue Jeans (especially darker blue jeans) are classic colors. I love this Gorgeous Crystal Necklace from White House Black Market. Some of my most beautiful jewelry is from there. If you have never purchased jewelry there, just go in. You will get sucked in from the first piece you wear. I own A TON of their jewelry. I love this particular necklace with the large multi-faceted Oval Stones because it is Ombre. The stones go from Black to Smoke (Gray) to Clear (Glass).

Burnt Orange Cardigan: Gruppo Fiori.
 Black+White, Small Floral Print, Scoop-neck Tank: Merona (Target).
Dark, Wide-Legged, Maternity Blue Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Cashmere-Blend, Dark Gray Scarf: My Husband's.
Black, Gray & Clear, Multi-Faceted, Oval-Stone, Ombre Crystal Necklace: White House Black Market.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Black, Suede Oxford Shoes: Forever 21.


  1. I know how awesome it is to get one Saturday or Sunday off. It feel great. I will be working this whole weekend.

    1. I always get either Saturdays or Sundays off. But it would be more awesome to have THE ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF, like most people. =)

  2. You're looking very healthy and happy today! Orange is a really lovely color on you.

    1. Healthy & Happy - i like that. Great compliments to receive. I love orange as much as red, on me. =)

  3. Nuk te kisha pare ndonjehere te veshur me xhinse deri me sot :)Me pelqen, ngjan mire. Perse nuk vesh me shpesh? Dua te te uroj dhe per formen e shkelqyer ne te cilen je, edhe pse tashme po shkon drejt fundit te shtatezenise. Urime e dashur :)

    1. Aulona, une vesh xhinse. Nuk vesh xhinse shume shpesh ama i vesh qe cke me te. Tani, gjate shtatzanise vetem nje pale xhinse shtatzanie kam blere (keto) dhe i kam veshur disa here dhe do i vesh akoma deri ne fund.

      Sa per formen e shkelqyer, shume faleminderit. Nuk di c'te them, pervecse jam me fat. Shume Faleminderit edhe njehere. =)


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