Dotty and Dressy on a Saturday.

Hi All. I do not remember the last Saturday I was off. I have worked like crazy the last 6-7 Saturdays or so, including today. Because of Albania's Independence Day and since last weekend it was the 1-year Anniversary of my work-place, I decided to dress up for work a little bit, last Saturday. I still had to layer and stay warm since it was quite cold out and I wanted to incorporate Red into my look, so this Silk Polka-Dot Dress with the Red Cardigan over, it served the purpose. Actually, now that I think of it, this would make a great Holiday Party Outfit too, since it features Silver and Red - two Festive Holiday Colors. Plus the dress material is silk. Wear Opaque Black Tights or See-Through Black Tights & some Red Pumps and you got yourself a beautiful Holiday Outfit. =) Don't you think?

As far as this dress goes, I have barely worn it because even-though a size Small, it has been a little large on me (in general) so I only wore it once this Spring. It has sort of that big scoop-neck that can show my bra straps since it is a little big on. I should have pulled this dress later towards the summer and worn it, since my belly was growing, but truth be told I forgot about it, until now. With its loose, A-line, open style, it works for my 7-month old belly. The dress itself comes with that little tie belt which I tied over the cardigan - I think it looks cuter that way. Plus I have been told, tied bows over a pregnant belly look so sweet & cute. =)

Scoop-Neck, Silky, Silver Dress w/ White Polka Dots: The Limited.
Tomato-Red, 3/4-Sleeve, Light Cardigan: The Limited.

Dangly, Silver Flower Earrings w/ Tiny Black Stone in the Middle: Borrowed from My Sister in Law.
Silver Chain, Dainty Necklace w/ a Teardrop Shaped Baby Blue Stone: Kohl's.
Oval-linked, Stretchy, Silver Bracelet: The Limited.
Silver Bangles (Set): White House Black Market.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Metallic, Ivory Hair Barrettes: H&M.
Dark Gray, Soft Knit, Sweater Tights: Golden Point.
Red & White-Trimmed, Leather Loafers: Micci's.


  1. You always look cute and sweet, but this dress is very chic and professional, and I like the way you belted it over the cardigan. Darn, your employer needs to give a mommy-to-be an extra weekend day or so to relax! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for saying I ALWAYS Look Sweet & Cute. I do love this look, too. A lot.

      As far as my employer, it sucks. It doesn't help that we have awful, long work weeks and crazy hours. Well, one more month of dealing with this. SIGH!!

  2. What a gorgeous dress! The red cardigan compliments it so well, too. I think red is your color, Ava! It looks stunning on you. And I agree...this would make the perfect holiday party outfit!

    1. Thanks a lot darling Brittany. I love this dress and with the red cardigan (that is my favorite color) just adding some dressier pumps and lighter-textured black tights, you can take this outfit to a Holiday Party for sure.

      P.S. I don't know why you thought my name is Ava, but it is actually ADA (with a "D").

      Hope your baby boy is doing well. I just stopped over your blog & saw his 2-week update post. ;-)

  3. Ooooh I love your outfit! It's SO pretty and you look incredible! Love your baby bump :)

    1. Thanks a lot Courtney & thank you for stopping by. Follow if you like. I appreciate it. =)

    2. Ada sa bukur! Nje nga kombinimet e tua qe me pelqen me shume! Perfundimisht e kuqja looks so good on u! Me pelqejne shume edhe kepucet.
      Te perqafoj dhe te uroj nje jave te mbare!

    3. Shume Flmd Aulona. =) Kepucet dhe ngjyren E Kuqe e adhuroj shume, edhe une.

  4. ohh Ada sa te shkon e kuqia. Shkon kombinimi e si te ka vajtur mendja qe ke vene rripin siper bluzes duket akoma me bukur :) me plq !!!!!

    xoxo Lulu.

    1. Une vdes per te kuqen Lulu dhe e di qe me shkon. Mua me vete mendja per lloj-lloj kombinimesh, per ate pune. LOL

      Te puth ty & Neomin. =)


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