Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Turquoise Floral with Black+White Stripes.

Hello All. I guess my last post on the first day of my Fashion Challenge, posted accordingly, just like I scheduled it. So I will do the same thing & schedule this as well. I think this saves me some time and plus the way I have been lately (super busy) and also having a broken lap-top charger at home (once again), I figured while I blog this at work, it's good to space it out & post it later. And, no, this is not Today's Outfit. I am always super behind. You will get that outfit & Day Two of the Fashion Challenge, after this post. =) How many of you post the same day's outfit? What about yesterday's outfit? I am usually a few days up to a week or 10 days behind. First I work 6 days a week so that alone gives me 6 working outfits. I also have my weekend outfits, date outfits and evening outfits for when I may go for a coffee or dinner with a friend. So between all of that, I usually have anywhere from 7-12 outfits I change weekly. =)

I am mixing prints on my top part here, from the waist up. I always loved the look of Floral & Stripes paired together. I kept the bottom part super plain in comfy black Maternity pants. This cardigan was a great last buy, from the last time I shopped at White House Black Market in Fall of 2011. I think it is a versatile, timeless and feminine piece. I love that it has two hooks up front that you can hook and have the pretty cascading ruffle flow beautifully, too. I hooked the top one and let my belly be the main attention. =) The little stud pearl, flower earrings sort of match the print of this super comfortable sleeveless tee from Liz Lange. I will apologize about my crappy ponytail though. This held for a full 10-hour day of work and I should have gotten it redone or brushed my hair down before taking these photos, ohh well.

Turqouise & White Floral, Light Cotton, Sleeveless, Cowl-neck Shell: Liz Lange Maternity.
Black+White Stripped, Open Cardigan w/ Ruffle Around the Front: White House Black Market.
Wide-Legged, Comfortable, Ponte, Maternity Black Pants: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Gray, Zippered, Fleece Jacket: Aeropostale.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Teal, Faux Alligator, Big Handbag w/ Beige Details & Gold Hardware: Parfois.
Black, Suede Leather, Light Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).


  1. I post all my outfit on the same day I wear them. I don't do outfit post on my day off. Then when I post other stuff. Cute look.

    1. Thanks Amy for the input. I guess I am in the minority for always being behind, but then again there are only 7 days in the week and I wear more than 7 outfits, weekly. =)

  2. I love this cardigan. It's perfect to highlight Baby.

    It's so hard to get pics in the winter; I never have a backlog :(

    1. I love the cardigan too and the hooks especially are perfect to showcase the baby, but even if I leave them undone, the flowing ruffles around it frame my belly, prettily. =)

      I have a feeling once January comes along and I take my maternity leave, there will be a lot less outfits, same as for the first 3 months of her life. I doubt I would leave my home a lot.


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