Monday, November 5, 2012

Pink, Gold, Khaki, Stripes and Paisley.

Ahhh it has been a crappy, hectic, very loaded day at work. And it is just the start of a long, hectic week. Anyway the least said about this, the better. So I am going to (secretly) squeeze in a few minutes to blog this outfit today from my busy and disorganized (at the moment) office.

This outfit once again features leggings which I love anytime. Even more now that I am pregnant and my comfort level needs to be at a high. I also love this long, stretchy tee that sparkles a bit due to the metallic threads of the gold part of it. It stays so smoothly over my belly. I layered with a colorful paisley scarf and a khaki blazer that goes with everything, and this was a great outfit for an evening out with a friend (for coffee and dessert). And I just realized, I am wearing Express head to toe pretty much, here. I love that brand and their sales. =)

Hope your Monday was good & fun (unlike mine)!!

Hot Pink & Metallic Gold, Comfortable, Stretchy, Long-Sleeve, Stripped Tee: Express.
3/4-Sleeve, Long, Cotton, Khaki, Boyfriend Blazer: Express.
Charcoal Gray, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Lavender, Baby Blue & Pink, Paisley Print Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Big, Circle, Orange Stud Earrings: Express.
Braided, Knotted, Silk Woven, Silk Gold Headband: Pacific Sunwear.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.
P.S. I am linking today with Patti for her Fabulous Visible Mondays. This is the 71st week she does this. =)


  1. Sorry your day's been hectic, but you sure look great - love that striped top with the print scarf, Ada! And thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday, I appreciate you!

  2. I really like express stuff. I own quite a bit of it. I also LOVE your boots. Did it finally cool off in your area? Hope things are well for baby and you.

    1. Yes, in general it cooled off. Though some days are warmer than others, like today. I could wear a skirt or a dress today and skip tights. =)

  3. You have really great style. I just found your blog and love it. I just started following!


    1. Thanks a lot for the kind compliments Deana. I always welcome & appreciate new readers and followers. I will check out your blog, too!!

      <3 Ada.

  4. Great boots Ada - sorry I have not been around - i was away for 2 weeks and am just getting back!

    1. I love these boots too. They looked so much like a Michael Kors pair I wanted Last Fall. These ones were 90% off the cost of the MK ones though and they are also leather. Love their Cognac color & sturdy look. =)


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