Brown Silk Elegant Lady!

I swear since being pregnant, I am always hot. I want to know what feeling cold feels like again. I mean it. (And that is my current Facebook status, too). Seriously though, despite this rain business we have had these last 2-3 days, the only time I haven't felt so hot is late at night when I leave work and when the temperatures have dropped down significantly. But I feel like after the rain, the mugginess comes out. Also once I am inside I can't help but feel hot, too. Ehhh. And it's not like I have gained 20-30 lbs already. I mean at 6 months pregnant I measure pretty small. I am currently listening to "Dessert Rose" (on repeat) - I hadn't listened to that song in years and I love it - and I can't help but compare the title to the song to the current state of my body. Thankfully I will get to go home soon so between the walking and the waiting at the bus station real late in the evening, (which is cooler than the day) I might cool off for a bit.

Today's outfit features one of my most favorite dresses in my wardrobe and it is from Banana Republic. I have also worn it (differently) another time this summer, for a TV Interview, but I had such a busy and tiring day that day that I didn't have time to photograph the outfit. I love the subtle brown-on-brown Polka Print that this beautiful silk dress has. It is a classic and womanly style with a little bit of an empire waist which in my current situation, helped. And since my bust is currently quite more ample than usual, a camisole underneath it is a must so I paired it with a bright, contrasting color. The shoes (who also have polka dots) match the two colors in my outfit. I added another print to the mix: a little bit of Leopard (my bracelet).

Hope your weekend was fun, bright and enjoyable!! =)

Short-Sleeve, Empire-Waist, Polka-Dot, Silk Brown Dress: Banana Republic.
Hot Pink Stretchy Nylon Camisole w/ Lace Trim: White House Black Market.
Skinny, Silver Rectangle, Drop Earrings w/ a Smoke-Gray Stone in the Middle: White House Black Market.
Leopard-Print, Plastic Bangle: Forever 21.
Ivory & Camel, Faux-Leather Headband with Double Bows (off the Side): Bijoux & Accessories.
Beige, Peep-Toe Wedges w/ Different Colorful Dots: Il Cammino.

P.S. I am linking this to YOLO MONDAYS


  1. What a beautiful and elegant dress indeed! The empire waist flatters your adorable baby bump :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, despite of the heat.

    1. Thanks Heather. It is a pretty dress. =) My weekend was so-so. I worked all weekend long and survived the muggy weather.

  2. Those shoes are adorable!!!!

    Thanks for YOLOing with us,

    1. Thanks Carly. These shoes were my favorite shoe purchase of this summer and I wore them a lot. Happy to Yolo with you guys on Mondays. =) I will check out your blog, now.


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