Coral and Friends.

Hello Girls. What's up? So, my friend's wedding last night was beautiful and she looked drop-dead gorgeous. She switched gowns and they were both beautiful. We had way too much fun. We ate a ton of good food, danced a little and just enjoyed the entire thing. We got home 8 hours later extremely tired and sleepy and that to me equals to one great, successful wedding.

Of course I will post some photos from this wedding and the other wedding I attended this summer of another girlfriend of mine, at some other time. But today I leave you with some photos and a simple outfit I wore during a little meet-and-greet with a friend of ours from USA. We met her for a fun fruit cocktail drink and a chat. And believe it or not, it got a little cooler that evening. I could have used a little cardigan or shrug over my shoulders, for later on. I love how this dress fits now with the belly bump though. =)

My favorite photo of that afternoon/evening. Love how we created a little heart around my belly. =) Unfortunately I didn't take a full-length outfit photo so that's where you will see the outfit the best.
Our friend and I. Love the photo of her touching my belly for good luck. And our flat black sandals sort of match. =)
Knee-Length, Fitted, Coral-Pink Sundress: Old Navy.
Coral, Skinny, Circle Hoops: Charlotte Russe.
"Rock Candy", Plastic, Orange, Bobble Necklace: Purchased on the Streets of Tirana.
Tory-Burch "Look-Alike", Black, Thong Sandals: Il Cammini.


  1. Aww you and your hubby are so cute! You can tell he really loves you and your little baby :) You and your friend looked like you had a great time! Loving the orange necklace with the pink dress.

    1. Thanks a lot Heather. Yes, husband and I are totally in love and he already loves that little baby so much. =) I also like how the dress and necklace mixed well together. =)

  2. I know why you like this dress on you, and its because you rock it !!
    It does fit you beautifully + baby bump included :)

    1. Thanks a lot Lorena. Yes, it actually fits better with a little bump than without one. LOL


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