Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Facts Friday: August 24th 2012.

Once a week, I am going to post Little Facts. These are simply 3 words, each week that we need to describe a little, talking a little about ourselves. It feels sort of like Word Association. I feel this is a good way for some readers, old and new to get to know me better.

Thanks. I Appreciate it. Hugs & Kisses, Ada.

OK, so it's time for Little Facts! (the little facts were inspired by Rebecca at See Me Rawr.)

Words: Sometimes I like to be real wordy. These are the times, I usually use a lot of big words, as well. And sometimes I speak very little and use small words. In general though I am a talktative person. Actually even when I get sick or whatever, my husband says my mouth is never sick. He thinks I will be talking all the way to my grave; of course he says this as a joke. LOL

Fear: The only thing I truly fear is fear itself, as cliche as that sounds. I also fear two things. First, that people I know, especially real close friends and family find out about my blog. My husband knows about it but I think that's it. I think maybe in the future, I will confess to some close people about my blog, but I rather tell them than have them find it themselves; they will think I am such a goof-ball and maybe sort of self-centered since I take daily photos of myself. The second thing I fear (and I think this is quite normal) is giving birth. I am due to give birth in about 5 months and being pregnant and all, I think it is normal to be a little nervous and scared about this thing. It is after all my first time.

Childhood: I was very artistic and very musical as a little child. I still got the artistic spirit in me, but I am not as musical anymore. I sang, played violin, danced and later on took piano lessons. I started doing this since I was 5, before I was in first grade. Nowdays even-though I still understand good music and understand musical notes most of the time, I cannot sing (I don't think I can, despite having a decent voice which is high-pitched). And I haven't played the violin since 6th grade so that's all forgotten. I am still a decent dancer, though. =)


  1. We don't tell many people about our blog either. It feels kind of weird to let our family and friends know, but it's funny because we put ourselves out there for the whole world to see!

    Don't be afraid of childbirth. It is very scary due to the uknown, but it is the most amazing experience you will ever have in your life! You forget about everything else once you have that beautiful baby in your arms :)

    Kayla is very good at picking up musical notes and being able to play them on the piano. My husband does that with the guitar. I cannot sing a note to save my life, but we do karaoke at home about twice a month and I think I am a rock star, lol!

    1. AWWW THANKS SO MUCH ABOUT THIS REAL NICE & ENCOURAGING COMMENT, HEATHER. Yes, I would feel like a goof if and when people find out about my blog. I started this two years ago but due to time and other commitments it only truly started this past Spring. So maybe a year from now when I have grown into my blog and my blogging community, I will share it with some close people.

      As far as child-birth goes, I guess the part that scares me the most is not even so much the pain or the labor. I know that's a big part of giving birth and it's so natural, I cannot help it. I am more scared about the fact that I just want to make sure everything goes OK, that both baby & I are fine, healthy and normal, no complications. I know, holding that baby into my arms will be the best feeling ever. Thanks a lot, once again. =)

  2. I don't talk about my blog very often with people I actually know. It's actually weird and surprising when my friends will say "I know, I read on your blog"

    I think you'll do well with your pregnancy. Of course it's a scary thing, but in no time your baby will be there and you'll be so busy with him or her that that fear will be far from your mind.

    1. Thanks Megan. Yes, once the baby is born, I will make sure to be the best mom possible to him/her and yeah I won't have that much time. But it is the most beautiful feeling and the best blessing so it's all worth it, even this fear I may be having now.


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