Floral and White, Quite Simple Actually.

Ahhhh I love days when you don't have to be woken up by an alarm clock and even if you sleep passed 10 is not a big deal. Actually I woke up a little bit before 10 AM today, while husband was still sleeping. Took a shower and then ate some breakfast. After I washed the pile of dishes from the last couple of days, including from dinner last night. Speaking of dinner, I cooked an amazing vegetarian pasta dish yesterday. I kept track of the process and even took some photos so I will post that recipe, here, soon. After folding some clothes I checked my Facebook for a while while hubby was still sleeping. He stayed up late last night watching a movie, while I fell asleep early. For lunch today, I prepared a salad and we ordered fish. We are making it sort of a weekend tradition (especially during these last 6-7 weeks of my pregnancy) that we eat fish for lunch once on the weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. We have a place close by that sells fresh fish and they even cook it for you (a simple grilling) if you like. I have never cooked fish though grilling it or frying it sounds easy. However washing it, cleaning it, taking away the bones etc. is both a messy and an unpleasant part of the whole process prior to cooking. And especially now that I am pregnant, my very sensitive nose can't really stand the smell of fresh, raw fish so we opt to have it cooked where we buy it. It was delish, as usual.

The outfit today consists of a very simple, very light material skirt featuring many colored roses. The skirt is sort of shapeless with its elastic waist too, but it works now for my little bump and the colors are definitely summery. I paired it with a white tee for the first time ever. I have worn it with yellow, orange, aqua and baby blue on top, before. I like how the bold colors and roses of the skirt stand out even more with the white top.I brought out the yellows, greens and blues of the skirt with my jewelry and shoes. =)

Short-Sleeve, V-Neck, White Cotton Tee w/ Decorative Studs Around Neckline: Express.
Knee-Length, A-line, Aqua-Teal Silk Skirt w/ Bold, Bright Flowers and Roses: The Limited.
Flower-Shaped, Turquoise, Stud Earrings: Parfois.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ a Rhinestone Bunny Charm: Fred's Jewelry.
Stretchy, Plastic, Bobble, Yellow Bracelet: Charlotte Russe.
Gold & Turquoise, Antique-Looking, Cocktail Ring: Parfois.
Small Plastic Black Hair-clip w/ Blue Rhinestones: Bijoux & Accessories.
Black Patent Leather & Apple Green Faux Suede, Bow Ballet Flats: Simple Shoes. 


  1. Your floral skirt is divine! I love this print.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Thanks a lot Bonnie. I love the print of the skirt, too. Otherwise, it's a simple skirt.

  2. I really like the print of this skirt. Not only the colors but also it has a certain vintagey feel to it, which of course I adore.

  3. One thing I am grateful for is having pre-prepped fish available to me. I could never de-bone/de-skin fish and I'm not even pregnant. I don't mind cooking it, as it's probably easier to cook than anything else. I just dislike fish skin!

    Lovely colorful skirt, it looks nice paired with the green and black flats.

    1. Yes. I buy my fish prepared as well. The skin of the fish can be quite slimy LOL.


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