Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue on Blue on a Friday.

What's in the store for you this Friday? The temperatures here have dropped a couple degrees. Not much at all but at least evenings don't feel like a sauna. I can't wait to be home in less than two hours. Maybe I will take a nap, but really I need to do a little clean-up at work. My house can use a sweep and my refrigerator needs to be cleaned out for any and all the old/stale food. Unfortunately, I work tomorrow, a 14-hour day, so I still need to get my full 8 hours of sleep.

This is just an easy, simple, casual outfit worn to work on a Friday. Friday dress-codes here are the same as any other days, but the American in me, a lot of times tends to dress more casual, simpler on Fridays. I have sort of done a blue on blue look here with a brighter blue top and a lighter blue-ish pair of pants, but I like it.

Turquoise, V-Neck, Short-Sleeve, Ruched Tee: Express.
Grayish/Powder Blue, Casual, Wide, Cropped Pants: Old Navy.
3/4-Sleeve, Long, Cotton, Khaki, Boyfriend Blazer: Express.
"Rock Candy", Plastic, Orange, Bobble Necklace: Purchased on the Streets of Tirana.
Plastic, Turquoise, Circle, Post Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Soft Leather, Light Gold Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).


  1. I LOVE the turquoise and the touching on the top. It is so flattering.

    Dossome :)

    1. Thanks a lot. Sorry I took a break from blogging, the last couple of days but WELCOME!!

  2. I like the blue and gold combo. Eep - 14 hour days would be so long!

    1. Yep, unfortunately I do 14-hour days once a week, either on a Saturday or a Sunday. My work-place is opened 7 days a week, 13 hours a day so that sucks. Once Fall starts I think it will be open 12 hours a day. Kepping our fingers, crossed.

      I am not gonna lie to you though, I am used to 14-hour days cause at least 4-5 jobs I have had in USA, I had to deal with long, not-fun, full work days open to close, especially when I worked in the restaurant business. At least here I get to sit most of the day in an air-conditioned office. I have a computer and Internet. I can even do a little bit of blogging, facebooking and listen to music if I want to. While at the restaurant I was on my feet all day, tired especially on busy weekends, barely had time to pee and eat, and had to wait on all kinds of customers including obnoxious ones. Even when I managed at restaurants it was just as bad. LOL


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