Friday, June 1, 2012

Orange Popping Dots.

Hello again on this Friday Evening. I was going to do Friend Friday today and ask some questions for you but I opted out of it, because due to lack of time I must keep this second post of the day, sort of short and sweet. I will answer lots of questions, next week for you guys. ;-)

I leave you below with one of my favorite dresses and the first time around I paired it with a blazer and dark tights. This time I wore a belted cardigan and nude pantyhose with it. I wish you all a lovely Friday Evening and a Great, Fun Saturday!!

Knee-Length, Cowl-Neck, Sleeveless, Orange Sweater Dress: The Limited.
3/4-Sleeved, Ivory & Black Cardigan w/ Integrated Polka Dots: The Limited.
Taupe, Python-Print, Skinny Belt: The Limited.
Sparkly Black Globe Studs (Post Earrings): Piazza Italia.
Coral-Orange Chiffon, Ruffly Flower Pin: J.Crew. 
Olive Green, Wedge, Oxford Booties: Old Navy.


  1. Ada you have some great cardigans, this is one of my favorites.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. I love my cardigans a lot. Thanks a lot, Lorena. =))

  2. so fabulous!!! loving this outfit!
    xo TJ

    1. Thank you gorgeous. Please click the FOLLOW Button and start following my blog. I do appreciate it. =))

  3. Absolutely love this outfit dear you look stunning (:


    1. Awww thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. How sweet!! =))


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