Please Pray with Me Today as I Grieve Over a Huge Loss!!

Yesterday I took a day off. I was off (from work) and decided to take a day off from everything, except house work. So I did lots of cleaning, got some laundy done, cooked a little bit and towards the evening took a shower. But I took time off from Blogger & Facebook. Today I had planned to post an Outfit Post but in light of the horrible tragedy that happened in Albania (which I found out about less than an hour ago, from Facebook nevertheless) I think I won't do an outfit post. The Fashion World and Style Blogosphere can wait.

Today I express my Deep Sorrow, Extreme Grief, Real Condolences, Huge Sadness and Desperation to the several families who lost their beautiful young daughters. I also wish, hope & pray that the number of victims doesn't inctrease and that all the hospitalized girls make it out OK. My body is filled with shivers and my heart is filled with a huge sense of loss and sadness over what happened. To brief you all a little bit over what happened read this Huffington Post over what happened.

The Prime Minister of Albania chose for tomorrow May 22, 2012 to be declared a Mourning Day for the whole country, a National Mourning Day. Let us all pay respect to the beautiful, young students who lost their lives today. Please Pray for My Home Country of Albania during this period of Grief & Mourning!! May God Rest the Souls of those who Lost Their Lives!!


  1. Ada - I'm so sorry about this tragic loss and am thinking about you and your country today.

  2. How very tragic Ada -i am truly sorry.

  3. Thank you both for the kind words Lorena & Bonnie. The situation is trying to get established though 13 lives were lost and 3 are still in very critical condition, 2 are in a coma. =(


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