A Turquoise Button-Down Paired with Brown.

Hi Lovelies and Happy Weekend!! I am at work, all day, pulling a 13-hour day for you (I mean for me... better yet for the company I work for because if it was for me, I would have been off both today and tomorrow). That's what Management does to you on a day when the other manager is off. Lucky Me!! By the time I will be home, it will be close to 11.30 PM and I will be either a) super tired, b) hungry, c) a little angry, d) sleepy or e) all of the above. [Hint: I am guessing "e". LOL]

But anyway I am throwing another (dressy) pants outfit your way, today. As I mentioned it has been a chilly week and even-though today I am wearing a dress (with a cardigan over it) I have worn dresses or a skirt 3 times out of these 6 days and the other 3 times I wore pants. Actually I wanted and hoped for the week to be sunny, warm and bright so I started the week off by wearing a polka-dot dress w/ bare legs. I added a blazer for the chilly morning for when I leave the house. But I DID LEARN MY LESSON. It was NOT time for Bare Legs, not at all. Had I put on semi-thick tights I would have been OK but a silky dress with no tights + open-toed canvas flats with just a blazer over it does not keep one warm enough for when it is about 50 degrees (Fernhait) out. So the next day I wore a pencil skirt - one of my best friends - with a blouse and a blazer, except I wore tights. See, in general I prefer dresses and skirts to pants and jeans. So wearing pants an equal amount of time in the week, especially in Mid May is not normal. Today (in my outfit) you get "my not-normal". ;-)

Turquoise Button-Down Shirt w/ Front Pockets: Express.
Brown, Wide-Legged, "Drew" Style Pants: The Limited.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ a White Pearls & Silver Rhinestones "Grape" Pendant: Fred's Jewelry.
Faux White Pearl & Black Glass Beaded Dangly Earrings: White House Black Market.
Black Headband w/ Beautiful Black & Silver Beaded Flower off to the Side: New York & Company (NY&Co).
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.


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