Wool and Pastels.

Hi Girls, did you miss me? I don't even know where to start?! I plan on doing a big Brain Dump today.

Yesterday I didn't post "Wonderful Wednesday". First off my wednesday wasn't wonderful and secondly even-though I wanted to post an OOTD anyway, I was going to accompany it with this brain dump I am doing today. By the time my day ended (what a long and emotional day I had too), I was poopped and didn't feel like blogging or writing at all. I caught up on a little "Gossip Girl" and to bed I went.

So as I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, we are moving this week. Let me explain. =) You girls know that in November of last year I made the huge move and took a risky leap of faith to leave United States for Albania. At the time we rented a tiny, old, fixer-upper type of apartment. We knew once spring or summer would kick in we would start looking at a nicer, better, newer or new apartment. See, I live in Tirana, which is the most populated city of Albania. There aren't many houses, at least not in the city, lots in the suburbs yeah but due to life here and my husband's family close to us, we need to stay in the city, quite close to the down-town area (which is also very expensive). So, just two short weeks ago we started talking again about needing a new place to move to and a new place to call our home, that we would furnish and decorate to our liking (one month at a time because money doesn't grow on trees, plus we both work a ton). My mother-in-law had just heard about a nice, spacious loft apartment at the same exact building where they live. Yes this apartment was now vacant and ready to be lived in. It just needed a young couple to come see it and fall in love with it. (Enter my husband and I). Long story short - we got the apartment. It was very quick, very soon, very fast and we were NOT prepared at all to move. We are moving a few things here and there yesterday, today & tomorrow and will move all of our furniture in, on Saturday. Today, after work I plan on wiping and washing the floors and swiping off the dust before we move everything in by Saturday. So as you can tell I got my hands full with A TON of house-work, moving stuff, packing away, cleaning not one but two places (cause we've got to leave our old place nice and clean for our landlord), while still working a full 60-hours-a-week schedule.

As you can imagine my stress level has gone to the max. I go to bed kind of late and have to wake up super early to get ready for work and go to work by 8.00 AM. I didn't take my photos Tuesday or yesterday - Wednesday. Tuesday's outfit was something thrown super quickly, since I doozed off after my alarm clock and made it to work in the nick of time. I still looked office-appropriate and presentable but my outfit was kind of plain and boring. Yesterday I had on a cute outfit actually and for the first time this year I wore a vest (I have several vests but don't wear them often at all for some reason - I guess it's because I forget they are in my closet). The outfit was sassy and a little masculine, but my wavy long hair, very little makeup and cute crystal earrings definitely made it a lot more feminine. However at my job (where I usually take my OOTD Photos) it was neither time nor place for pictures yesterday. I will wear that outfit again so you will see it, once for your liking. =) Then on my way home, to cheer myself up, I managed to 'conviniently' enter into one of my favorite custom jewelry boutiques in Albania and wanted to buy myself a new necklace or two. But I couldn't stop at two, I actually got 4 necklaces and 2 bracelets with me, however I didn't feel so bad because they were a total of $30. The owner of the boutique usually gives me 20-30% OFF since I am a regular customer. =) Which this also means I broke my shopping ban for this month. However, truth be told - I broke that ban almost two weeks ago. But I haven't spent a ton, since I have only bought a few new things this month and they were all accessories and some shoes (no clothes) if that counts. LOL

After this little jewelry shopping adventure, I went home, had a cup coffee with my man at our local Cafe, went inside our place for an early dinner, washed the dishes, did some packing and afterwards we went to take some of our stuff at our new place. On our way back home, as tired as I was, my husband managed to make me mad over something small and stupid. My bad mood combined with my stress (particularly about this move), the rush of things and piled on top of my feelings about how much I miss my parents and my brother who live in USA (esp. my mom) made for a Cranky Ada. So I ended my Wednesday with 2 thumbs down, unfortunately. =(

However today is A NEW DAY and probably the prettiest, warmest day we have had all April. The sun is out, it is pretty warm, I am wearing bright colors and a pretty outfit. Below, I present you an outfit I have worn last month to work. You guys know I didn't have a working laptop for close to two months. I took my photos daily over those two months and so many OOTDs have piled up. I will try to post all of them time after time, or at least the ones blog-worthy. For now I leave you with this cute wool dress which I couldn't resist purchasing. It is a wool-blended material featuring beautiful pastel-colored tulle flowers, that look very architectural and 3D. Truth be told this dress is a size Medium and a little big and baggy on me. I might have to take it to the seamstress. The loophole around my arms is huge, but I think worn with a tee or turtleneck underneath it doesn't look as big. I still had to have the dress because I think it is truly beautiful and unique (plus marked for 70% OFF), the photos don't do it justice. =) This was my first time wearing it and I have worn it twice thus far. Hope you like it.

You All Enjoy this Thursday!!

Off-White, Wool Dress w/ Pastel Tulle Roses & Embroided Green Leaves: Madison Avenue.
Lemony-Lime, Light, Stretchy Cotton Turtleneck: T Box.
Multi-Colored, Beaded, Crystal Necklace: Fred's Jewelry.
Charcoal Gray, Zig-Zag Herringbone Tights: Lauma.
Dark Purple, Faux Suede, Silver-T-Strap Mary Jane Wedges: Old Navy.


  1. Talk about a crazy day !
    Its is too much for you both - moving is crazy. My husband and I wanted to choke each other on the weeks it took us to move to our new apartment.
    So, I can totally relate....

    1. My Wednesday was crazy and so was my Thursday and so will be today especially this weekend when we make the majority of our move and by Sunday we should awake in our new place. And then my month of May will be crazy too - I am sure of that - till I put everything in order. LOL

      Thank you for caring, Lorena. =)

      Enjoy Your Weekend!!

  2. Oh, I love that dress! How fun is the embroidery on the back?

    Moving into a new place - so exciting but SO stressful! I just went through it in early September... SO glad we won't have to do that again for a long, long time!

    1. Taylor, you would think I would be a pro at moving by now since less than 6 months ago I moved from one continent to another, nevertheless. But no, it never fails. It is always maddening, sufferable and a pain. LOL

      Your outfits lately have been adorable. And yes the embroidery in the back of the dress is adorable, I agree. =)


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