Friday, April 6, 2012

Chic in a Tweed Sheath.

Here is a New OOTD Post, TGF (Thank God Finally!!) LOL Yes I made up an accronym. =)
I call today's outfit: "Chic in a Tweed Sheath" and it even rhymes. I am quite the Poet today, ain't I? =)

So, as you can tell, these photos are taken inside an office building. This is actually the large office I share with 3 other people and lots of Outfit Photos are taken here (when the other two people are not there; maybe they are on their lunch break or the opposite shift). See, I do the managing and marketing for a large Bookstore (kind of like Borders, however it is not a corporation like Borders or Barnes & Nobles is). I manage and direct with two other people. Since the bookstore hours are from 9 AM till 9 PM we work in two 8-hour shifts. I always manage to get the pictures at work most of the time. Since most of my days are spent at work and most of the outfits I wear daily are Work Outfits, hence the workplace environment. This is a brand-new business and these are new offices so they look nice but could use some life and personality. However, I think my outfits somehow make up for the lack of interest in my backgrounds. LOL At least I hope so. This was a weekend work outfit and I wanted to look extra chic and polished since I had an interview for a local TV station, that day. =) I think I quite love the results.

Black & White, Tweed Sheath Dress: The Limited.
Burgundy, Long-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Ruffle Around the Buttons: Piazza Italia.
Black, Leather, Skinny Belt: Banana Republic.
Black-on-Black, Argyle-Print Tights: The Limited.
Black & Silver Globe Studs (Post Earrings): Piazza Italia.
Black, Suede Oxford Shoes: Forever 21 (So nicely made, so affordable and such a staple. My Favorite Shoes that I added to my Winter Wardrobe for 2011-2012.)


  1. Ada! So good to hear from you again - thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog yesterday. You look absolutely fantastic in this outfit - so sophisticated and chic. How are things? I just realized that I never "officially" started following your blog, so I just did. :) I hope everything is going well and that you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sweetheart. YOU TRULY ARE A SWEETHEART you know that. Things are good thanks for asking. =) I love love your style and that you have time to follow and catch up with the people that visit your page. I hope all is well in your end and CONTINUE TO DRESS STYLISHLY!!

      P.S. I am just about to post an outfit with an OBI Belt and I automatically thought of you since you wear your black OBI Belt, SO WELL, all the time!!


      <3 Ada.

  2. You look quite nice Ada, how did your interview go ?
    Working in a bookstore must be interesting.
    I do marketing too :o)

    1. The interview went well. We feature my workplace at the national and local TV stations quite a bit. I work at the largest bookstore in Albania so it is both hectic and fun. It is so much more than a bookstore, too. We have a conference room; people do and can promote their books and writing here; we do other things too like events, reading, activities with children and students. It is a nice and interesting place to work at, that's for sure. =) Thank you for asking.


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