Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cozy Layers in Purple and Black.

Good Morning on this cold, gray Sunday (from my side of the world). I have a lot of cleaning and such to accomplish today so I will keep this short. However I wanted to acknowledge the Connecticut tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was home (after work) that day and I was talking to a friend over the phone. I barely watch a lot of TV, let alone the news but my friend was watching a 24-hour Albanian News Station and she told me what happened. I immediately hung up and turned the TV on to hear about such devastating news. I was shocked, not 100% shocked because unfortunately mass murders at schools have happened before (in High Schools and Colleges), but to expect a cruel, heartless, psychotic criminal to actually shoot small, innocent children was unheard of. At least 20 victims were young children, ages 6 or 7, so young, so innocent, they will not get to enjoy the world and they will not get to grow up. =( Seeing the children that were alive hugging their parents and crying with them, was also heartbreaking. These types of mass murder massacres are happening way too often in USA in public places. Schools, shopping malls, churches, temples and movie theatres are not safe anymore. Something needs to be done ASAP. A solution I think may work, would be to install Screening Doors (like at airports) at every entrance of  malls, schools, cinemas and other similar places. There should also be armed guards in our schools. This type of solution might not be the end of all these crimes, but it is a good start I think. As a human being, as an American Citizen and as a Mom-to-Be, this devastating news affected me and my heart goes out to all the families affected that lost their young children, sons and daughters, brothers and children. May we never hear such news anymore! And now, as I am typing this and open my browser where MSN is my greeting page, I am reading that they released the names of the victims. It is soooo sad. =(

Today's outfit is very simple & easy. I threw on this sequined-collar purple top from Loft (which still fit) with my Skinny Corduroy Pants (which also still fit ...amazingly, they are a size 2), and my favorite Cardigan of the moment. I bundled up with my husband's scarf (from the previous outfit post) and my Purple Trench-coat. My feet were kept warm by my Ultra-Suede Moccasin Loafers which have fake fur inside them. It was dry enough to wear these shoes, since rain is a no-no for them. Ohh and I swear my fly was not down, yes you can see it on these photos, but it is zipped. =D

Scoop-Neck Plum Tee w/ Sequined Bronze Trim on the Neckline: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Charcoal Gray, 3/4-Sleeve Maternity Flyaway Cardigan: Oh Baby, by Motherhood.
Black, Stretchy, Skinny Corduroy Pants: White House Black Market. 
Cashmere-Blend, Dark Gray Scarf: My Husband's.
Purple, Nylon, Double-Breasted Trench-Coat w/ Belt: Bebe.
Beige, Ultra-Suede Moccasins w/ Brown Bows & Faux Fur Inside: Payless. 

P.S. I will be back later tonight with this Week's Best Looks. Enjoy your Sunday!! 


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