My Baby Story: 27 Weeks plus an Outfit.

This has been a great week as far as the baby goes. Like I told you last week, I was expecting a luggage this past Thursday that my mom sent me with someone, all full of my girl's clothes. I was worried a little bit for a flight cancelation, since hurricane Sandy happened, but luckily all flights out of Washington were able to leave on Wednesday so this lovely lady did get to fly out and bring me my luggage on Thursday. I even took Thursday & Friday off from work. On Thursday evening, I called for my mother in law and sister in law to come, so we could see everything together. So the two of them, my husband and I, opened the luggage to see the most beautiful, cutest baby clothes ever, some of them even hand-made and gifted to them by one of my aunts. And this is not even half of her stuff. My mom has at least another full luggage worth of clothes, plus a lot of other things waiting to sea-ship as soon as possible.

Seeing those things, as well as the happiness in all of our faces, was priceless, a beautiful moment for sure. Our faces were smiling with Joy!! It felt like during that half an hour or so, I was opening Baby Shower Gifts which in a way these were Shower Gifts. In Albania it is not a custom to do showers (whether wedding or baby) though event planners and such are trying to get this beautiful tradition started. However, I lived in USA more than half of my life and if I were there, a beautiful baby shower was sure going to happen. Just because I am thousands of miles away doesn't mean my mom, aunts, some cousins and close friends, won't share my joy. They have all purchased stuff for my little girl and plan on sending them my way.

And then yesterday I had a long, leisure time spent over one of my best friend's mom's house. I was there for a good 5 hours, eating, drinking and talking, while catching up. I don't get to see her often. She gave me a couple of used baby clothes as well as a baby chair, and a brand-new baby monitor. This monitor was her gift to me for my non-shower. LOL So, that is why this has been a great week. =)

How Far Along: 27 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 11.5  lbs. Yep, I gained over 2 lbs since the last time I weighed myself.
Maternity Clothes? Yes. I can still wear a bunch of my clothes though, such as some leggings, sweater dresses, anything empire-waisted and certain tops/blouses/tees.
Best moment this week: Getting an entire luggage of brand-new baby clothes and other things, on Thursday, from my mom. My baby is soooo lucky and she will be so well-dressed. All that stuff was so beautiful, soft and in great quality, too.
Miss Anything? Not having to wake up at night, to pee. =P
Movement: Yes, DAILY. She kicks more during evenings & night-time. This past week in particular it seems like around 9.30-10.30 PM she is usually kicking and moving in there. You can feel it a lot (no it doesn't hurt) for the most time. And most of these times, we have experienced feeling/hearing the baby move, with my husband by my side, too. =)
Food Cravings: All kinds of foods, with the exception of rice and potatoes - I do not care much for those. Though I love French fries.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The smells of busses and fast-food places. I don't get nauseated but I rather not feel these smells.
Gender: A Beautiful Baby Girl!! Mommy is SO EXCITED for her to arrive, in less than 3 months.
Labor Signs: Hell No!!
Belly button in or out? In, but it is changing a little I must say.
Wedding rings on or off? On & loose. Half of the time, I keep my wedding rings on the middle finger, because it has fallen off my engagement finger a few times, especially when I shower, I do not want to loose them.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy about the baby usually. I get moody or crabby if I am hungry or when I start worrying about how time is flying and such.
Looking forward to: My belly growing and her kicks and moves. The more I grow and the more I hear her kick, the more secure I feel that she is good in there and that she is growing, too. =)
Today's outfit sort of hides my growing belly but trust me -- it is there. These Pregnancy Jeans are so comfortable and I love their dark color, which makes them work-appropriate, too. I have always thought Green and Blue paired together look so good and chic. So my first time wearing these jeans I chose one of my favorite shells, that is so girly and cute with the ruffle and rose off one side. It doesn't hurt that it is in a striking, bold, Emerald Green Color. The necklace is new from Parfois (I love that store for their jewelry, though all their accessories are cool & unique). I love the thick, bold, braided look of the chain which looks like a David Yurman design. I am wearing my brown wedge Oxfords which were one of my go-to-shoes for last year's Fall/Winter season. However at 6+ months pregnant they are not the most comfortable shoes, so they were not be worn again, until after I give birth.
Dark, Wide-Legged, Maternity Blue Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Bright Green, Silky Shell, w/ a Rosette Ruffled Detail on 1 Side: The Limited.
Long, Gold, Braided Chain Necklace w/ Twisted Circle & Tassle Detail: Parfois.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.


  1. Ada, you look terrific, very polished and chic. I love the ruffle detail and rich green color of your blouse, and that pendant totally rocks!

    1. Thanks for the terrific comment. I love the ruffle detail & color of this shell, too. =)

  2. such a cute necklace. That way so nice of your family to sent you gift for your baby. have a great weekend

    1. Thanks Amy. Yes, my mom and dad and brother are totally hookinh me up with almost everything for the baby. =)

  3. You got a monitor...yay!! That's such a nice gift! You look fantastic...that color is so pretty on you. Pregnancy really suits you well Ada!

    1. Yes, a monitor. A very nice gift indeed. I have never used one so I will have to see and figure it out.

      And my darling Brit, pregnancy suits you as well. Any day now before your baby boy comes to this world. So Sweet!! =))

  4. I think this is a gorgeous look, I love your emerald top with the jeans. Must be really exciting to be getting all the baby stuff. Even here in the US we didn't do a wedding shower (people sent gifts anyway), but I'm glad you're still getting to enjoy all the gifts and love of family from far away. Hopefully your family will be able to come and visit when your little girl arrives.

    1. THANKS A LOT MEGAN. It is an exciting time but it is also bittersweet because my parents are not getting to enjoy from close the arrival of their first grandchild and I miss them (and they miss me) like crazy. I am planning on visiting for a long visit in the summer next year and they will get to meet my baby at a few months old. But yeah they have been phenomenal with gifts. =)


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