Magenta Plum.

Hello All. How was your Thanksgiving? What did you cook? What did you eat? What comfy outfit did you wear? Are you planning on shopping today for Black Friday? Well, I spent most of the day at work and many restless hours in front of the computer working on titles, ISBN-s, New Books' Lists, etc. I think the many hours logged in, in front of a computer caused my headache on Wednesday night which started around 7.30 PM until about 2.00 AM. And it was a really bad, heavy headache, it was brutal. =( Due to this being Albania's 100 year of Independence (it is next week on November 28th) and since there was the Annual, National, Largest Albanian Book Fair (last week), we have been bombarded with a ton of new titles and lots of new books, lately. They have kept all of us busy, especially me, since I am the one that enters and registers them into the computer.

This is an outfit I wore to a TV show regarding the Book Fair and Books in general. I kept things simple with my comfortable Maternity Black Pencil Skirt and a Long, Loose, Silky Blouse. My only accessory was tiny silver hoops with sparkly quadrangle silver stones. But I think the Leopard flats added some oomph to this simple but elegant outfit. =) Clearly the makeup in these photos was done professionally (behind the studio). For all of you who know me well by now, I am no makeup guru. LOL They did a really good job though, so simple and so pretty and it went well with my outfit. I loved my eye lids and my lips. I titled today's post "Magenta Plum" for two reasons: 1) the color of my blouse and lipstick which is Magenta and 2) because I was called "A Plum" as a compliment, from my husband, that day. Cute, hmm?! =)

Magenta, Elbow-Length Sleeve, Button-down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets & Fun Metallic Buttons: Express.
Maternity, Black Pencil Skirt: Liz Lange Maternity.
Tiny, Silver Hoop Earrings w/ Quadrangle Silver Rhinestones: New York & Company (NY& Co).
Leopard & Black, Calfskin & Patent Leather, Cap-Toed Ballet Flats: White House Black Market.


  1. Pershedetje Ada, kete jav te them te drejeten s'kam gatuar fare, ketu te une nuk festohet "Thanksgiving", e aq me keq nuk kemi "Black Friday", do ishte bukur nuk e fsheh faktin qe mezi po pres uljet e Ƨmimeve te "terbohem duke blere gjera " kete vit nd ketu te une fillojne ne 8 dhjetorr yppyyyyyyyy mesi po pres, per xtmas do bej sh dhurata.

    Me vjen keq qe keto ditet e punes jan kaq shume stresante, kuptoj qe java qe vjen do jet sh impenjative. Urroj tja kalosh sa me mire.
    Me plq shume veshja, vetem do doja qe barku te dukej me shume :)

    sinqerisht dukesh sh sh mire.

    Pershendetje Lulu.

    1. Rrofsh Lulu, sinqerisht, per gjithe keto fjale te bukura. Une e adhuroj atmosferen e festave te fund-vitit sidomos Krishtlindjet. Eshte shume e bukur, festive, plot shprese & rrezatim!! Mezi po pres te vendos bredhin e te dekoroj sadopak, ne fakt.

      Vitin tjeter do jete me bukur se do kemi edhe gocen dhe do jete rritur sadopak, do jete Krishtlindja e saj e pare. =)

  2. Ada, you look really gorgeous. That color is one of my faves on you, and your lipstick is just beautiful.

    1. Thanks Darling. I love this color too & yes the lipstick color and the way it feels on my lips, is pretty indeed. =)


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