My Baby Story: 25 Weeks... plus an Outfit.

I really enjoy filling out these Pregnancy Questionaires, weekly. This way I reflect on the week and see how the baby is doing, how much the baby + mamma has grown, etc. Tuesday this week I had a 3D ultra-sound done and I'm so happy to report that the baby was healthy, the right size and dimensions for the age it's at (6 months) and I even got to see the baby moving during the ultra-sound (putting those cute tiny hands in front of the mouth, moving the legs, etc.) It was a different experience than the other ultra-sounds. My husband couldn't make it. So it was something I did alone, but in a way that was better because I as the mom felt closer than ever to this tiny human being growing inside me. It will be a reality in 3 quick months. =)

How many weeks pregnant: 25 weeks!
Baby Size: 1.4 lbs.
Weight gain: Still at 9 lbs.
Cravings: Now that chestnuts are in the market and since it is a very popular Albanian type of fruit and something I grew up with, I have been craving and eating those like crazy, whether roasted or boiled. They are YUMMY!!
Food aversions: Not much.
How are you feeling: Good in general. A little more tired than usual. Even-though I sit down mostly, daily, at work, my feet get tired a lot quicker than before pregnancy.
Most embarrassing pregnancy moment thus far: Nothing embarrasing. Why should there be??!
Best pregnancy moment so far: This week I saw my baby through a 3D ultra-sound. The genuine emotions and soft tears that came through my eyes, made it the Best Moment yet.
Baby's name: We don't know yet. We have this name picked out that we both love but we want to think of at least another name we love just as much.
Boy or girl: YOU will find out real soon, I promise. Though I think I have given you some hints. Stay tuned.
Wearing maternity clothes: Yes, mostly pants. All my regular leggings fit and most of the tops I wear are not-maternity.
Now, moving on to today's outfit. I got a summery, silky outfit going for you on this Fall day. But that's because if you don't count early mornings and evenings past 7.00 PM, this last week, the weather has been quite warm and during the lunch hours even hot. I should have gotten this skirt out of my closet more often to wear this summer, because not only it is easy to mix and match as a Black+White piece, it's also real breezy and the best part it has a loose elastic waist so fitting for my belly. Also, this lovely silk blouse I purchased before Martin& Osa closed its doors 2 years ago, is making its first appearance on my body and on the blog. It is bad when you have so many clothes that even after a long time has gone by, lots of those pieces are never worn. I don't believe in the rule that if you haven't worn it in 6 months or max a year throw it out. I have done that with a few things but come on I cannot throw out a perfectly beautiful, structured, modern and elegant blouse with fun origami-sleeves in a beautiful Baby Blue color. It would look great paired with a suit, under a blazer, under a jean jacket, layered with a button-down or a chambray top, with a pencil skirt, Bermuda shorts, really the possibilities are endless.
Baby Blue, Origami Cap-Sleeve, Silk Blouse w/ Pleating Detail on the Front: Martin & Osa.
Black + White, Flowy, Snake-Print, A-line, Silk Skirt: The Limited.
Steel Gray, Silver-y, Glass Crystal Necklace: White House Black Market.
Steel Gray, Silver-y, Glass Crystal Stud Earrings (that match the necklace): White House Black Market.
Fan-Shaped, Black Plastic Clasp w/ Silver Rhinestones: Bijoux & Accessories.
Pink, Plastic Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole.
Dark Silver, Thong-Wedge, Beaded Sandals w/ Black, Gray & Silver Beads: Nine West.


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    1. Aww Thanks. These are the least popular posts though I feel. Maybe people are getting bored of all my Baby Enthusiasm. LOL

  2. I love the blue top. I want to know what baby is! I admit, I'm not big on baby posts, I have many many friends who are pregnant right now. I'm not ever going to have kids so it's a little hard to read everyone's post sometimes. But I do get excited for my friends, learning what their children will be and what their names will be. I do look forward to those posts. So don't keep us waiting too long!

    1. Thanks. I love the top too. I have no clue why I haven't worn it throughout this entire time.

      As far as the baby, how come you don't want children of your own? I have always wanted children (at least one) and if it was up to me I would have started 5 years ago but I do think everything happens for a reason and I am not regretting starting now. I will let you know the sex of the baby, probably this weekend. Stay Tuned as I said.

  3. Ada, I love how this outfit is both sleek and professional, but shows off that wonderful baby bump. I'm enjoying following your pregnancy, and can't wait to hear more deets!

    I've had to let go of clothes I later wished I'd kept, but for me, it's a storage thing. I just don't have room.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Lynne. I too have a problem with storage, a big problem, I have very limited space. That's city living in Europe, for you. =)


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