Leggings, Tunic and Shrug.

Looking through my balcony's door, the sky is gray and there are little drops of rain on the ground. Maybe more rain is on the way after all the rain we had this weekend. It's the time for it anyway, it is after all Autumn. Speaking of rain, I am hearing of Hurricane Sandy from my family in USA, from the internet and on Facebook. When and where is it supposed to happen exactly?  I wish and pray for all the people who live in those areas of the East Coast that nothing of a great situation happens, that it is just a storm and some rain and that you are all safe and sound!!

On a rainy and somewhat chilly day, layers, leggings and boots are the right choice. When I bought this tunic on sale, a couple of years ago, it was a little large and loose on me. I liked the cute sleeves, beading detail by the loop neckline, the little ruffle on the bottom and the ivory color - which is a good neutral. Now, it is working great as a pregnancy piece. Of course I had to put on a tank underneath it. I wore a pair of faux jean leggings, my favorite Cognac boots and a cute little argyle shrug. Just a cute little headband and a sparkly bracelet in the accessories part, for me, today.

Soft Cotton, Ivory Tunic w/ Beading Detail on the Neckline & Ruffle on the Bottom: Arden B.
Long, Stretchy, Comfortable, Heather Gray Tank Top: Melon.
Short-Sleeve, Cropped, Argyle-Print, Light Wool Shrug: Express.
Indigo, Blue Jean Leggings w/ Zippers off the Sides: Miley&Max (Wal Mart).
Silver Headband w/ Cute Rose & Leaf Detail Off the Side: Kohl's.
Blue & Silver, Stretchy, Rhinestone Bracelet: Gifted from a Girlfriend.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.
P.S. Today I am linking with Patti and Molly for their Monday link-ups. =)


  1. I love argyle! It is so preppy :) Your cognac boots are fab too. Loving the mixing of black and brown.

    THe hurricane is supposed to hit landfall sometime tomorrow I believe. We are in Ohio and it's raining and they are calling for wind gusts up to 60 mph! Heather

    1. I love Argyle too - preppy & fun. My family lives in Michigan and I actually am expecting a relative to fly out from Michigan to Albania on Wednesday/Thursday so I really hope it is not too bad. Hang in there.

      Thanks for stopping by. Ada. =)

  2. Sassy, Ada, very sassy! I love those boots!

    1. I guess this is kind of sassy. I love these boots too and how I paid 40 bucks for them. Some of the 40$ best spent!! =)

  3. So cute! The sweater has turned into the perfect maternity piece. Thanks for sharing your style with Visible Monday, it's always great to see you : >

    1. Thanks a lot Patti. Always happy sharing with you. =)

  4. O Adaaaaaaaa...
    Uuuaaaa sa kemi pa folur.
    E para urime, dhe shtatezani te mbare.

    Te pash qe kishe komentuar tek nje blog tjeter dhe thash "Ada?" Kemi pasur nje shkeputje per arsyje te ndryshme se dhe jeta ndryshon, por kemi folur shpesh ne myspace (i know right, too long ago). Armela jam. Uuuu sa me behet qejfi qe te shikoj prap, te uroj gjithe te mirat e dashur. Edhe sa me mbare me shtatezanine? Djale apo vajze? Besoj se dhe Piro eshte shume i lumtur me ty (keshtu e ka emrin burri apo jo?)

    Kalofsh sa me mire!

    1. E dashur, te me falesh por une nuk te mbaj mend tamam. Nuk me kujtohet shume emri Armela, me vjen keq. Gjithsesi, shume faleminderit.

      Ky eshte femija yne i pare dhe po Piro eshte shume i lumtur. Kam postuar ne nje post tjeter nese eshte djale apo vajze sepse cdo jave bej nje si weekly recap per shtatzanine. =)

      Te pershendes e dashur dhe me kujto se kush je. Me vjen keq!!

      <3 Ada.


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