TGIF ...for the Rain.

Hello All. I don't mean to sound like a broken record but at least since middle July now, I have been complaining about the heat. It has been one hell of a summer (emphasis on "hell"), as in hot, very sunny, humid, real hot actually. Since I have been pregnant all summer, including May, and since you ladies all know the first 3-4 months of your pregnancy are also the toughest because that's when your body starts adjusting to all changes and when your hormones start changing, dealing with this extreme heat has been extremely hard. It has been tough on my body and on my system, it has caused me low blood pressure so often, which has resulted in throwing up on top of the morning sickness, fatigue, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, I love the sun. But I cannot take more than 4 months of the heat, especially since it has been like what has been described as "African Summer". So lo and behold, yesterday, my wish came true, after three and a half months, IT FINALLY RAINED. It had not rained since late May and actually the first 20 days of May had been totally hot and summery, too. The last 10 days felt like more like Spring. It started raining in the evening last, night, about an hour before I left work. And considering how I saw no sign of it during the day, I was unprepared. I had no umbrella, no jacket or cardigan with me. With the rain and since it was later in the evening, night-time actually (after 10.00 PM), a drop in temperatures was also part of the weather. Thank God I travel by busses mostly and while I waited for the bus it stopped raining so I didn't get too cold or wet till I got home. My husband, being the sweetheart he is, waited for me outside the bus station from which I have to walk home for another 10 minutes. He had brought me a blazer and he got an umbrella, just in case.

Anyway, that was a long talk on weather. Let's focus on Fashion for this Friday. Today's outfit features one of the most popular color combinations ever - Black and Red. This is also one of my personal favorite color combos and these happen to be the colors of my flag, the colors of my country so I threw in some Albanian patriotism on the way. I love this color-blocked Red & Black top from The Limited. I own a ton of tops from The Limited and I cannot say enough good things about their light cotton/jersey knit tops in particular, like this one - they are quite comfy. I like the wide banded bottom. It is soft, elastic and loose enough to accomodate my belly now and for a little later. The whole top has a blousey feeling. I also own a at least 5 black pencil skirts, but this light stretchy cotton, button-front one from Forever 21, has been the one I have choosen over and over again this summer, because it is lighter and it fits very comfortably on the waist too. I added a red/burgundy and gold statement necklace and a my favorite wedge sandals and I was good to go. =)

Red & Black, Soft, Cotton-Jersey, Long, Banded Top: The Limited.
Black, Button-Front, Stretchy Skirt w/Bow-Tie Belt (Worn Over the Tank): Forever 21.
Red, Maroon & Gold, Beaded Stone, Statement Necklace: The Limited.
Black, Jet Stone, Glass-Beaded, Dangly Earrings w/ Silver Accents: White House Black Market.
Dark Silver, Thong-Wedge, Beaded Sandals w/ Black, Gray & Silver Beads: Nine West.


  1. Congrats on the rain!! We're finally getting somewhat cooler weather here. It's so nice to be able to go outside and not be super hot.

    The Limited has some great stuff, I've thrifted many pieces by that brand and really like them.

    1. Thanks. Congrats indeed. I have been waiting all summer long. It rained for a good 3 hours last night, while we were sleeping, too.

      I love The Limited. I own a ton of stuff from them. =)


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