Monday, August 13, 2012

Black and White Geometry.

Hello All and Happy Monday, Darlings!! It is a busy office day for me. I have been sending e-mails and checking work stuff, all day thus far. Best part about this week is that I work the day shift rather than the afternoon/evening shift so evenings will be spent with husband and I might even do some date nights. =) I decided to take a break from blogging yesterday, to be back today on a new day, new week. I can't believe half of August is pretty much gone, already. How does time fly? Before I know it, this little belly of mine is really going to start to pop out. I cannot wait actually. =)

Speaking of the belly: it shows a little bit in this silk Black+White Geometric Print Dress which has a little bit of a stretch to it. I couldn't help it, I took some belly-pride photos. Once again you get office photos on a weekend day spent at work. Oh well. Living in Tirana, every corner of every area is filled with people so don't expect many location shots from me.
Black+White, Geometric-Print, Stretchy Silk, Halter Dress: Express.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Silver Bracelet w/ Geometric-Shaped Rhinestones: White House Black Market.
Black & Silver, Gladiator, Strappy Sandals: Il Cammini.

P.S. I am linking up today with the Fun & Sassy Patti for VISIBLE MONDAYS.


  1. Love the dress and shoes.

  2. Such a cute dress, and your "little bump" is wonderful. Congrats yet again, and many thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

    1. Thanks a lot Patti. You are a beautiful lady of a certain age. I admire your spirt, sense of style and sense of humor. Glad to link to your Fun Mondays Page. =) Stop by more often. Thanks for the wishes, too.

      Ada. =)

  3. Love, love, love your sandals !
    and you look so very happy in that beautiful dress.

    1. I love these sandals too. Got them for less than 20 bucks, this summer. =) They are so versatile, simple and cute yet a little dressy with the silver metallic to them.

      Thanks for finding time for my blog, beautiful. =)


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