Girly Accents in Black, White and Brights!

So, what happened today? ...Drum-roll............. IT RAINED!! Mother Nature actually decided we were due for some cooler temperatures and some wet drops so decided to bring some our way. I was having coffee with a friend while it was raining. It didn't start out that bad but boy by the time I had to leave (had to walk to the bus station to get to work) it was pouring. And I of course, forgot my umbrella. All the taxis were full (with other passengers). It's a good thing you don't have to walk too far in Tirana to find a little ambulant sales-person who sells umbrellas so I purchased an umbrella and only had to get wet for a few minutes, though those minutes it was pouring buckets like I said. I of course don't need an umbrella since I have three of them but I was afraid due to all that rain I would get a bad cold. And boy during that time the temperatures really dropped, too. My skin felt it, my soul felt it. Now I am a happier bee since I have been praying for rain, for weeks, now. LOL

On to the outfit. I love A-line skirts and I love a fun Black+White print. This skirt features both. Also since it is black and white, you really could put any color on top, as well as either plain black or plain white. This time I spiced it up with Magenta and some more color on my sandals.

Short-Sleeve, Scoop-neck, Magenta Tee w/ a Chiffon Ruffle Trim by the Neckline: White House Black Market.
Black + White, Geometric-Print, Flowy Skirt: White House Black Market.
Stretchy, Baby Pink, Crystal Bracelet : Beadz & Bagz.
Clear, Purple & Pink Crystal Necklace Featuring a Heart w/ a Rose Inside: Beadz & Bagz.
Ivory and Red-Printed, Silk, Strappy Sandals: Simple Shoes.


  1. I just LOVE that skirt, and it looks perfect with the pink top!


    1. Thanks a lot Dossome. Love this skirt, too.

      Hope your summer is going well. =)


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