Friday Casual with Loafers.

Hello, it's Friday, well it's almost over here in Europe but it is still Friday afternoon in US. While most of you are happy that get to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow and making your weekend plans, I have to wake up at 6.00 AM and get ready for a 14-hour day. That's always how one of my weekend days goes. At least I have all Sunday to relax, cook and sleep in a little late. So to all of you happy about the weekend, I wish you all a Very Lovely, Fun Weekend Ahead, hoping for the temperatures to drop cause I hear it has been super-hot in every country, this summer.

And here is a simple, office-appropriate, summer-time outfit with cropped pants.

Teal Green Nylon, Lace-Trimmed Tank Top: The Limited.
Teal Green, Elbow-Sleeve, Ruched Cardigan (that matches the tank, underneath): The Limited.
Pinstripped, Black, Cropped Pants w/ Button Detail On the Outter Bottom Side: The Limited.
Faux-Pearl, Gold-Tone, Drop Earrings: H&M.
Pearl & Beaded Ivory, Navy, Baby Blue & Lime Green, Stretchy Bracelet: Banana Republic.
Ivory & Camel, Faux-Leather Headband with Double Bows (off the Side): Bijoux & Accessories.
Soft Leather, Light Gold Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).


  1. I think it's a great attire for a Friday, cardigans always work, specially this pretty one.
    Sorry I have been a little missing, I just got back home from 2 weeks of work travel :/

    1. It's an OK outfit. Though I do like the twin-set. Lucky you about your vacation though a work-related one.


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