Feminine Pleats and Ribbons.

Around 3.15 AM this morning I suddenly woke up with a really heavy head. Once I stood up, I realized I was having vertigo. My husband was still awake God Bless Him, so I made him give me a masage on my forehead and neck. He is good at masages - I shall say. It made it a little bit better but it was still a pain. My bed and my pillow became my enemy. I was tossing and turning due to this awful vertigo. Some minutes later I told my husband to get me a cold-watered towel. I put that on my forehad and tried to sleep. I only fell asleep over an hour later. Unfortunately, I had to wake up super early to go to work. That 30-minute walk to the bus station was a challenge. My head was still super-tired from the previous night. Too bad, since Saturday was such a nice, relaxing day off.

Anyhow. In my last outfit I was wearing a braid. When you keep your hair braided all day and un-braid it the next morning you get slightly curly hair, a little frizzy but still cute. And here is another dress in a dark teal. It looks like I have worn many versions of teal and green, a lot, this summer. I like the grosgrain ribbon that runs through the chest part of this dress. It's a unique empire-waist.

Wishing you all a Lovely Sunday Ahead. I will be back later tonight with a second outfit for today, since I am at least two weeks behind with outfit posting. =) See you soon!!

Empire-Waist, Sleeveless, Dark Teal Dress w/ Pleated Detail on the Front & Black Grosgrain Ribbon Front to Back: The Limited.
Light-Green & Gold-Edged, Flower-Shaped, Stud Earrings: Parfois.
Blue Python-Print, Plastic, Wide Bangle: Express.
Black Beaded Crystal Necklace w/ Multi-Faceted Square Pendant: Ann Taylor.
Black & Silver, Gladiator, Strappy Sandals: Il Cammini.


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