Casual Date Night Wearing Pants.

I wore the above outfit on a Saturday Date Night with my husband. We went to a beautiful restaurant where we sat on the patio and overlooked a pretty water-fountain and a gorgeous garden of fresh flowers. We went there kind of late in the evening and it was breezy. The water outside brought even more of a wind. But the best part was the Live Music. We were lucky enough to be serenaded by the oldest, most popular and most successful violonist in Albania. This little old man is amazing, over 80 years old looking and feeling great - God Bless Him! I love the violin (and the piano). After all I played the violin for about 8 years since I was 5 years old. It brought back great memories, as well. =)

We weren't very hungry so we started off with Mussels in a White Wine & Lemon Sauce and an amazing Fish Soup. We then proceeded with Fresh, Traditional, Albanian Salad. And last but not least we finished off with a gigantic ice-cream for two. Wish I would have taken photos of the place (outdoors) and the food. They were both amazing. But we promised we would go back and we will take more pictures next time around. Below is a bunch of photos of my outfit from the day (taken at home, before we left) and of the two of us. =)

The two of us up-close, photos taken by my husband's hand. Our T-shirts sort of matched in colors. A lot of times we match on purpose (on special ocassions, in particular) but a lot of other times we just happen to match, all by coincidence. This was one of those times. =) I particularly love the above photo. I was actually having a bad hair day (I washed it that evening), but on that above photo it looks great and wind-blown.
Navy Blue, Scoop-Neck, Short-Sleeve Tee w/ Metallic Charcoal Gray Wide Stripes: Old Navy.
Pinstripped, Black, Cropped Pants w/ Button Detail On the Outter Bottom Side: The Limited.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ Statement Flower-Shaped, Multi-Stoned Decoration: The Limited.
Long Drop Earrings w/ a Large, Oval-Shaped Burgundy Stone (Matches the Stones in the Necklace): Charlotte Russe.
Brown/Camel, Bobble, Stretchy Bracelet: Charlotte Russe.
Violet, Suede, T-Strap Mary Jane Wedges: Old Navy.


  1. Love this look! The tee has a very edgy look to it, and the shoes dress up the trousers. Perfect for a night out.

    1. Thanks. It was simple and put-together at the same time. I love that tee as well. =)


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