Skorting on a Saturday OFF.

Hi again. I have a slight headache and still feel awful due to my allergies and congested nose so I am keeping this sweet and short. I present you a super-casual weekend outfit. This was worn during a Saturday morning off, for some errands and shopping. Have a Great Evening!!

Dusty Lavender-Pink, Soft Cotton Tank Top: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Black & Magenta, Rose Print Skort: Express.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ a Rhinestone Bunny Charm: Fred's Jewelry.
Plastic, Olive Green, Round Sunglasses: Old Navy.
Light Gray, Faux Leather, Cross-Body Purse: Purchased at a Purse Store in Albania.
Red & White-Trimmed, Leather Loafers: Micci's.


  1. What a pretty skirt -
    i have stopped wearing really short skirts. Mostly because none fit :(

    1. Well this is a skort which means it's a skirt with bult-in shorts underneath it. Comfortable and it doesn't show anything that's not supposed to be shown. LOL


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