Equestrian Layered Look.

Yesterday I was informing you girls how it was so hot, muggy and humid. Kind of gross if you ask me. Last night, around 3.00 AM it started raining and it stopped around 10.00 AM this morning, to start back around 1.30 PM. And what a rain it was! Yes some rain was needed to cool off this hot wave we had, but this was quite the rain. The good thing is that the temperatures dropped off from about 90 Fernhait Degrees to 76. The bad thing is that in some towns and cities it has rained soooo much that there have been black-outs, as well as some farmers have lost a lot of their produce and animals. It is sad... But we can never fight Mother Nature, unfortunately.

This is a layered look for when it was a Springy Rainy day (some days ago). I love this blazer and the equestrian feel it gives you. I also love how this cute scarf in a big, bold & unique-colored Leopard Print plays the role of a Cowl-neck little silk shell. I felt comfortable and European-chic in this outfit, for sure. And I went picture-crazy that day. I took close to 30 photos. I narrowed it down to these 18 shots. I know that's a lot for one outfit post but I like them. Ohh and one more thing, I straightened out my hair that day. It figures, almost any time I style my hair, it will rain. LOL

Black, Long-Sleeve, Stretchy, Nylon Tee: White House Black Market.
Lilac, Gray & Black, Leopard-Print, Wide, Silk Scarf: The Limited.
Off-White Jean Blazer w/ Navy Trim: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Dusty Lavender Skinny Jeans: Martin & Osa.
Soft Peach Pearl & Clear Beaded Drop Earrings: White House Black Market.
Gray, Faux Snakeskin Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.


  1. It is extremely hot here too. So hot that I just dont want to wear anything other than shorts. Lovely shots and nice jacket.

    1. Thanks a lot Paps. Today in here is hot but not super-hot. Quite perfect summer day, actually. =)


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