A-Line, Embroided Tights and a Ruffled Halter Top.

I am not sure how I feel about this outfit now that I see the photos but the day I wore it I felt like a Grown-Up, Stylish Ballerina so maybe I should go with my first instinct on this one. =)) Also, My red lipstick had run below the lip line on my bottom lip. I work with a bunch of females, they should have said something about my lipstick. I am not really liking it on these photos. I love the berry-red color yes, but not my Monkey-Looking Lips. I do not have fat lips. Anyways, what's your verdict on this outfit? Overall I think it looks good. Maybe a Crew-neck Brown or Teal Cardigan (as opposed to this V-Neck Cardi) would have worked better over this gorgeous ruffled top. Let me say though how much I love these flower-embroided tights. =)

Silk, Emerald-Green, Ruffled, "Bib" Halter Top: The Limited.
Brown Cardigan: H&M.
Cognac, A-line, "Ballerina" Skirt: The Limited.
Brown Stretchy Belt w/ Silver "Hook Buckle": Piazza Italia.
Drop Earrings, Featuring a Large, "Heart Shapped" Yellow Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Gold O-Ring, Ponytail Holder: The Limited.
Brown Tights Embroided w/ Brown, Cognac, Gold & Maroon Flowers: Pompea.
Brown  Ballerina Flat-Wedges w/ Bows: Dollhouse.


  1. Monkey lips (haha you made me smile)
    I like the skirt, the tights, the cardi - i like all the items you are wearing.
    I would onlyhave done one thing differently and it is untuck the cardi.
    Happy friday.

    1. Thanks Lorena.

      I will definitely untuck next time. I figured since I belted everything and wanted to show off my skirt, I would tuck in both of my tops. Thanks for the advice. =))

  2. I love this skirt :)
    you look beautiful!!


    1. Thank you dear. I am going to check out your blog.

      Please stop by mine, again and start following me. =)


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