Black Sweater Dress Layered: Simple yet Chic.

Hi and Happy Middle of the Week!! Thursdays are great because they are laid-back (at least at my job), it is the day right in the middle of the week yet so close to the weekend which makes me love them even more. =)

This outfit was worn on a Thursday, though last week. Told you guys we have had a chilly time this May, after May 10th or so. It was super hot, sunny & bright during the first week of May and then we had a considerate drop in temperatures, lots of showers, cold morning and colder evenings. But I prefered this weather since it is still May. I wasn't quite ready for super hot summer yet, knowing that it will fully be here June-September. I had to go back to light sweaters and sweater dresses and even some boots. Some days I even wore a light jacket for outside or kept my neck warm with a scarf (like in this outfit).

Short-Sleeve, Crochet, Black Sweater Dress: Macy's.
3/4-Sleeve, Soft-Cotton Nude Tee w/ Floral Pin (Worn Outside the Dress): Old Navy.
Lavender, Baby Blue & Pink, Paisley Print Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Dangly Earrings w/ Black Glass Beads & Silver Accents: White House Black Market. 
Black-On-Black, Spotted, Animal-Print, Footless Tights: Express.
Black Leather Boots: Impo.


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