Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sassy Royal Blue + Purple.

It is 11.00 o'clock PM, I am extremely tired, I am hungry, it has been a looooongggg day and I have an outfit to post so this will be super-quick. There will be a lengthy blog, tomorrow. =) So here is one of my favorite sweater dresses (a new purchase of late) featuring cool, wide stripes that look like a lace inprint. I mixed a little here by doing two jewel colors (royal blue & purple) and two different prints (stripes & floral). I love the results. I must say this is quite a sassy look.

Royal Blue Sweater Dress w/ Lace-Printed Black Stripes: London Girl Boutique.
Lavender, Taupe, Brown & Beige, Printed Triangle Pom-Pom Scarf w/ Small Flowers: Purchased in Greece.
Purple Tights: The Limited.
Black Suede Booties: Worthington (JC Penney).


  1. Hey lady - it sounds like you have some long days, but you certainly look good doing it! Love the blue and purple. Is it still pretty cold there?

    1. Yes, it is still pretty cold here. This was actually one of my waremer-days outfits. I wore a leather blazer over it and I was good to go. Today it is raining a ton and it is very windy. We haven't experienced much Spring thus far. LOL

      Thanks for the compliment. First time ever I paired a darker blue with a darker purple and I like how it looks. =)

  2. You are wearing that gorgeous scarf again..seems like this piece works with everything you wear !

    1. I know. I had such a hard time picking this scarf out by all 4 colors that they had. I finally decided on this taupe one with lavender/brown flowers and the black one with purple/maroon/red flowers. But yeah those two scarves are identical, just different colors. They also had a brown one and a gray one w/ diff. colored flowers. Thanks for the compliment. =)


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