Double Leopard.

Since I am at work and have about 45 minutes to close everything up, plus post this blog, I am keeping it super-short today.

Just a few things about the outfit. This is one of my most favorite sweater dresses and one of my most favorite prints. I love me a good leopard item of clothing. As far as the jewelry goes, a couple of these pieces I wore for the very first time, this day with this outfit. I like how it all came together. =) Hope you do, as well. Ohh and I titled it "Double Leopard" because besides the dress, I wore my colorful leopard-print scarf, that day. Take Care Girlies!!

Black & Gray, Light Wool, Short-Sleeve, Sweater Dress: Ann Taylor Loft.
Purple & Pink, Leopard-Print Ombre Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Silver-Chain Necklace w/ Silver & Gold Rings: Parfois.
Silver Bracelet w/ Oval-Shaped Flat Links (Left Hand): JC Penneys.
Black Leather, Braided Bracelet w/ Silver Clasp (Left Hand): Parfois.
Blue & Silver, Stretchy, Rhinestone Bracelet (Right Hand): Gifted from a Girlfriend (for March 8th - International Womens' Day).
Diamond-printed, Black Tights: Old Navy.
Black & Dark Blue, Patent Leather Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.


  1. Love the dress! I bought a new leopard print sleeveless top today from Old Navy - had a hard time choosing between brown leopard and black leopard but ultimately went with the brown. I have two pairs of leopard-print shoes, a leopard-print scarf, a leopard-print belt, and now a leopard-print top! I would love to find a cardi or a pencil skirt. I just can't get enough.

  2. Oh I know. I have 5 leopard print scarves (one in red, one in purple/navy, this one, one in blue & one classic); 2 dresses; sandals, flats & pumps; a cardigan; a couple tops; 4 pairs of leopard-print scarves; a skinny belt; hair clips & a couple headbands; a coat & 4 pairs of tights. Needless to say I love this print, A TON. Thanks for stopping by, Taylor. =)

  3. Ada that is such a pretty dress !
    Thank you for all your kind comments :)

    1. Aww Lorena YOU ARE SUPER KIND. Thank YOU!!

      I Envy you a little bit (in a good way) for all the beautiful places & nature that sorrounds you, where you live. =)


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