Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black and Gray, On a Rainy...

Well Hello there: Good Morning, how are you? I am happy to report that I woke up in our new home, in our new bed, this morning. Yes, we bought a new bed. We needed too. Ours was on its last lifeline =P. It was just a matter of time. And speaking of things we need for our new place - there are a ton: lighting fixtures, a dinning room table set, a coffee table, some pictures, art and frames, etc. etc. We really want to be able to call this place A HOME. It will slowly but surely get there. I really need to cut my personal shopping and purchase home goods instead. I love shopping for home stuff after all. But I still think I like shopping for personal clothes, a tad more.

So my first night of sleep in the new house, was not that good. But this had nothing to do with the fact that we changed places or that we have a new bed. Our new bed is quite comfy actually. It has to do with my headaches. I suffer from migraines and last night after we got together for some drinks to celebrate our new place, with another couple (friends of ours), a slight headache started bothering me. Usually after I eat something, it gets better, it may even go away. I was starving so on our way home we stopped to a local family restaurant where they cook fast and good for a couple of things I was craving. After I had their rice pilaf and some gyro meatballs (it's their specialty) and their greek salad, I thought my headache would wear off. However I woke up around 4.00 AM with a much bigger headache. The bad thing is that we only just moved our things yesterday so I have no idea where all our medicine and a lot of other things are yet. They are still in bags and boxes - but don't know which bags per say. So I couldn't take an Excedrin or something. I Facebook-ed for a little and went back to bed. I had to wake up at 6.30 AM to get ready for work. It sucks that I start work early and now I am even further from the bus station than with the old house. =( But the good thing is, after taking something I had in my purse in the morning and eating a Briosh for Breakfast (it was yummy, made this morning from a local bakery, filled with some smooth chocolate inside), I am now headache-free and at work, blogging away. LOL

But yeah yesterday we accomplished a lot. We moved all of our furniture and belongings and I was even able to put a bunch of them in their places, yesterday. We still have the keys to the old apartment where there are still some dishes and kitchen-ware we need to bring home. Unfortunately I will be at work all day today but I have my Mother-in-Law to thank since she will help out a lot today. I can't blame my head for getting a headache yesterday since it was an exhausting day and it felt even more so because it was hot. After having a super rainy, chilly, dreary April, since Friday (two days ago) the weather turned from 8 to 28 degrees Celsius and I can happily report that Spring is here. Anyway, I feel so accomplished this week. Yes, I am tired, beat, restless and on very little sleep, but I worked my butt off to make this move smooth and pain-free and it pretty much was. =)

Below I present you an outfit I have worn during a weekend off from work, on a day we went out for drinks with another couple (friends of ours). Yep it was raining and cold as these photos attest. After some hot chocolate and coffee (we had with our friends) my husband and I stopped by my favorite French Cafe where we had some desserts as a nightcap. =) I love the first two photos (below).
Here is an up-close photo of the two of us (before I cut off 3 inches of hair). My husband looks so cute here. Loving his smile. =)
Merino-Wool, Long Cardigan w/ Front Pockets on Each Side: White House Black Market.
Black, Nylon Stretch, Scoopneck T-Shirt: White House Black Market.
Stretchy Silver, Oval-Linked Bracelet (Right Hand): The Limited.
Soft & Cozy, Knitted Acrylic/Wool Cap + Matching Scarf': Boutique "Limoni" (in Tirana).
Ponte, Thick, Black Leggings: White House Black Market.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.
Black Leather Handbag: H&M.
Black Umbrella: My Husband's.
Black Puffy Coat w/ Hood: T Box.


  1. Oh, I am now craving a chocolate-filled brioche! I had pretzels and low-fat strawberry cream cheese for breakfast - TOTALLY not even on the same level.

    When we were moving, I had a detailed Excel spreadsheet for "needs" and "haves" divvied up by room. When I would get something on the "need" list I'd color-code it to show that it was now a "have." It actually helped a LOT. (One thing still on our need list? A new bed too! I have had it since 2001 and brought it into the relationship... it's a Queen and my husband who is 6'3" was sleeping in a Full. What?!)

    Your rainy night outfit is super-cute and so is that picture of you and your husband!

    1. Taylor thanks a lot for the compliments. You are a sweetie. I do like the outfit, too.

      I can't believe about your bed with your husband being that tall and all. Thanks for the ADVISE ON THE WANTS AND NEEDS, TOO. =) I WILL KEEP THAT IN MY MIND.

  2. How great that you finally moved :)
    how terrible waking up with a migraine and having no medicine to take :( did you find the medicine box ? you've got to keep them handy, just in case...

    1. Yes, we moved. It all happened so fast, so quickly. But it was about time. And this time moving was a piece of cake. I hate moving in general but this one was the easiest move by far. It was the closest distance after all.

      I didn't have nearly enough room in the old apartment for an actual medicine cabinet but that's not the case in the new place. I do have enough room in the kitchen and I actually did make a compartment into a medicine cabinet. =)

      Thank you so much for caring, Lorena.


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