Wonderful Wednesday!! March 28th 2012.

Hellow Fellow Bloggers, how are you?! While my outfit posts have been kept on the sidelines lately (due to not having a working computer, therefore I haven't been able to upload photos of my daily wear), my Blog has been suffering. The few posts I have blogged about this month have all been done from my work computer. However I am always full of ideas and never at a loss for words. This is first and foremost A STYLE BLOG, however this is a blog where I can write about what I am feeling, liking, disliking, loving and adoring as well.  =) I can even rant if I need to. LOL

So this morning I decided to do a weekly feature called "Wonderful Wednesday". In this feature I will mention or list 5-10 things from the past week that have been happy/good/positive things, or things I have done, loved, purchased, adored or liked in the last week. I figured since Wednesday falls right in the middle of the week, this is the perfect time to do such a post. This post will only have happy feelings and things that make me happy, make me feel good or put a smile on my face, hence the title of this weekly feature. So let's begin with this first Wonderful Wednesday, shall we?!

*First of all I am loving the weather we have had the last week: beautiful, sunny, bright, summery! I have enjoyed wearing skirts, light dresses, and cropped pants. Spring has sprung in Tirana and in Albania, for sure!!

*In the last week I have been reading not one but two wonderful books. They are both unique, beautiful, fairytale kind of love stories, written with realism and sensuality. One is "Love Never Dies" by James Patterson (an American author) and the other one is "One More Day" by Fabio Volo (an interesting Italian writer; my first time reading him and I plan on reading other works of his, soon).

*I am thankful and happy to say that I haven't caught the flu bug that's been around or haven't had any big spring allergies. With the weather and seasons changing so fast, the flu has been around and many people have caught it. Luckily for me and for my husband, neither one of us, has.

*My husband has been working a lot this last week. Their company is expanding and they are getting a brand new building and brand-new offices. His work has more than doubled. He is after all one of the I.T. guys and they count on him a lot. While my husband working crazy hours and even spending a couple of sleepless night at work is definitely not wonderful, seeing him even for that little amount of time I have, in the last 7 days, has been wonderful and has put a smile on my face. Sometimes when life gets in the way and our schedules get hectic crazy, we realize how much we love and miss our partners, lovers or significant others even more and that has been the case with us.

*I got to have a hot cup of tea and a little chit-chat with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law this week. They stopped by the building where my workplace is located to see me and to do some shopping, and called me to catch up with me. I don't get to see them often usually due to my schedule since one week I work days and the next week - evenings. Once again, that little precious time we spend with our loved ones when all of us are so darn busy, becomes even more special and even more precious.

*Tomorrow I get to have breakfast and coffee with one of my closest, dearest friends whom I haven't seen in a little over two weeks because she has moved to a new house and she has been even busier than me. While Friday is payday and even-though I will try to be REAL GOOD in the month of April (that's the promise I have made myself), I may pick up a new pair of Ballet Flats I need for Spring only if they are at a good price (25$ or less). So tomorrow and Friday are two things I am looking forward to and for which I am happy, this Wednesday. =)

How has your Week and your Wednesday been so far?! Hope it was WONDERFUL...!


  1. Just saying hello! Thanks for your comments... I have added you to my Reader! (I have been kind of "out of it" for the past 2 weeks so I have lots to catch up on!)

  2. Thanks as well Taylor. Please start following me as well by clicking the "Follow" button. By the way we have very similar styles and two of my most favorite things to shop for are: Shoes (I love a good 3-4 inch-heel peeptoe pump) and Cardigans (I also own at least 60-70 of them and I am currently wearing one LOL).


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