WISHFUL SHOPPING: White House Black Market Tops & Light Sweaters.

I worked at White House Black Market for almost a year and a half and even before I worked there, I adored that store for the last 4-5 years. It is quite expensive but if you buy their stuff on sale (most of their stuff gets marked down so early within 3-4 weeks), or if you do their promotions and add coupons, you are looking at savings of 40-70%. Their clothes are effortlessly stylish, easy comfort, beautifully-tailored, elegant, feminine, business-y but not too stuffy and with very nice details such as great buttons, unique necklines, ruffles, etc. I love everything from there especially their cardigans, dresses, bustiers, jeans & jewelry.

Well, as you all know I left United States a little over 3 months ago and I don't plan on visiting back until next year, therefore no WHBM Shopping for me for quite a while, but we can all dream and wish when it comes to shopping so every now and then I will dedicate posts to FAVORITE ITEMS OF CLOTHING from Favorite Stores. I will call these specials: WISHFUL SHOPPING and right here is My First one. =)

I am dedicating this one to WHBM Tops and Sweaters. Spring is in the air and beautiful tops and blouses are necessary in one's wardrobe. If I was in US right now and had won the lottery I would add all of these tops into my wardrobe. Meanwhile I can Wish...
Draped Sleeves & Boat-Necks.
First off, I would love to have ALL of these tops because of their beautiful sleeves, elegant, effortless, chic look and because they feel easy breezy on. How do I know, that they feel so easy & comfortable on? That's because I have several tops this style from White House Black Market and I adore them. I love the wide, draped sleeves featured here. I also like the looser necklines, such as a wider scoop or a boat neck. The wider sleeves add some coolness to the style of the tops, kind of like Kimono sleeves in a modern 21st Century way. I also love stripes and color-blocking so all of these tops are right up my alley. The best thing about them is that they can be dressed up or down, as well. They would look great with a long necklace, a long chain, a pendant or a long set of dainty beads. My most favorite ones out of these six are: the 1st one in a light sand color, with ivory & black stripes; the 5th one in black & white zig-zagging and the 6th one in a deep, dark blue, in a light material (this would be perfect with jeans, on a casual weekend day). 

A Little Red & a Little Floral.
I am such a girly girl at heart. Red is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLOR and Floral is a type of Pattern I can wear anytime, no matter how hot or bright the season. I believe Floral Print to always be IN STYLE, never out of style. If you combine the two (like the two silky blouses featured) even better. I own at least 4 or 5 similar silk, floral-print, peasant-type of tops like blouses #s 2 & 6, from WHBM. But every season, they came out with a couple new ones and of course I wanted them. Same with this season. There is something so peaceful, feminine and bohemian about these blouses. I feel so pretty & feminine in them. That red sweater too, is amazing, and I love that it is in a soft yarn and a little see-through. While that low-V black top with white stripes and a cascade of red flowers up front, would look great for cocktails, paired with skinny jeans and stilettos, as well as under a suit jacket with a black pencil skirt and patent leather pumps. I have a very hard time choosing my favorites from above as I love the cardigan too (just like I love every single cardi I own from WHBM). But If I had to pick favorites: the 1st one, the 2nd, 3rd & 5th one would be what I REALLY HAD TO HAVE, had I had the opportunity to shop at WHBM, this February 2012.
Sexy & Sweet Sweaters.
Certainly I love WHBM Sweaters and all of the above eight are perfect now for Spring and if it is still a little bit chilly out, can be perfectly paired with a leather blazer and a cute scarf in a cute whimsical or floral print (for a dash of color). I am loving all of these beauties because of how rich and elegant they look, especially the eyelet sweaters (#s 1, 3, 4 & 6). I know the 3/4 sleeve beige, white & navy sweaters look like they could be triplets but I am in love with that style and why not have too much of a good, stylish thing?!? I also love the color beige. The non-color of nudity looks like second skin and if you are tanned (for early summer) it will look even better on. That amazing flyaway cardigan in that soft sandy color with the black collar (the 7th item) is something a woman can wear daily from day to night, from work to running errands to having cocktails, it all depends on what else you wear with it. Once again I am having such a hard time choosing but if I had to from this category I love best the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th & 7th.

Until next time, what are you Wishful Shopping for?


  1. Those are great! The red one is definitely my favorite!

  2. Thank You Melissa. Please start following me, I can use the new readers/fans. I will follow you as well. Definitely RED TOPS are My Favorite, too. =)

  3. Nice picks Ada !
    I am just back from NY and kept on seeing the WHBM ads EVERYWHERE !

  4. Lorena, WHBM has great stuff and most of their clothes are very New York-like. I hope you enjoyed NY. I am a little jealous lol.


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