Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black & Green for a Job Interview.

So, February is here, can you believe it? I don't know where January went, I really don't. Maybe it is because it was the first month of the year. Or maybe because in January I started work again, almost 2 months later after being job-free, when I moved from one country to another, from one continent to the next, from USA to Albania.

And speaking of my job, below is the outfit I wore for my first official work interview. I had an informal interview (about 5 minutes long), a few days before my long, real interview. I wanted to look professional but young. I wanted to look pretty and interested for the job, at the same time. I think I achieved that. The next day I got a second and final interview. I think the outfit proved to be the right one, as I think part of getting the job is how you present yourself, what you wear, etc. And by the way I love this outfit and its colors. I did a little pattern-mixing between my houndstooth skirt, argyle tights and rose-print scarf. So, here it is. =P

Black Cardigan: Express.
Bright Green, Silky Shell, w/ a Rosette Ruffled Detail on 1 Side: The Limited.
Black & Green, Houndstooth, Wool Skirt: The Limited.
Argyle-Print, Black on Black Tights: The Limited.
Charcoal Gray, Heather Gray, Off-White & Black, Rose-Print Scarf: Piazza Italia.
Black, Sparkly, Post Earrings: Piazza Italia.


  1. Too bad i didn't see this before... that is a beautiful houndstooth skirt ! I would have added you to houndstooth week.
    A bold move to wear the skirt with the pattern tights. Bold BUT great.

    1. Thanks Lorena. I know you love houndstooth. Come Fall this year you should do a Houndstooth Week again where I will GLADLY participate. =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot. I love this gorgeous shade of Green. =)

  3. Thanks a lot everyone. I love this outfit especially the skirt and blouse.

    Lorena, I wore black & white houndstooth pants today and thought of you.


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