Multi Colorful Horizontal Stripes.

So since I haven't blogged in a while let me start by saying in big wonder WHERE THE HECK DID JANUARY GO? Tomorrow marks January 31st, as well as exactly twenty days since I started working. I will talk about my job in a later post, yet again. I want to get the hang of it and don't want to jinx myself. Plus this is a fashion blog, not a job description blog.

But I will tell you this much, I love being able to wear almost anything I want as long as it is work-appropriate and business casual. Coming up with outfits has been lots of fun. I work 6 days a week, including either a Saturday or a Sunday so I usually do 3 dresses/skirts outfits a week and 3 pants outfits. My sweater dresses and thick tights with boots have gotten a lot of use since it has been a real cold winter. I have actually photographed most of my outfits just haven't had much time or desire to blog. But here I am again. =) Happy Monday and Happy Beginning to February!!!

Multi-Colored, Stripped, Long, Sweater Dress: Old Navy.
Circle, Black, Jet Crystal Necklace + Circle, Black, Jet Crystal (Matching) Earrings: White House Black Market.
Black Headband with Tulle Rosette: The Limited.
Olive Green, Wedge, Oxford Booties: Old Navy.


  1. I love that dress on you!! I wear mine to death, it's really great; and comfortable.

  2. I love your dress!
    Un besito desde: Clu's Corner

  3. Thank you girls. Love this dress too and I paid so little for it, too.

  4. This is such a pretty dress and you wear it well.
    Answering your question this is my second MBA this one is in higher education, which is required to be a University professor. I am kind of exited about it but i have a looooong way yo go as this is my first semester and i am only taking one class because i travel for work a lot and i want to see how i can juggle it all before i make a full commitment.

  5. Lorena, I am happy for you and for your new school achievements. The best of luck. You are a smart cookie, you will do well!! Thanks for your kind comments and wishes, as well!!


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