Let's Start Over!!! =)

Hi, how are you all Fashionistas?! How is the Holiday Season going so far, for you? What do you have planned for Christmas and New Year's?!

So Hi once again, I am Ada, nice to meet you all guys. This is my blog, I am Elegance Personified and I have had this blog for over a year and a half now but I don't think it ever truly gotten started. Blame it on time and dedication, especially the first one. As much as I love Fashion and as much as I and others consider me stylish, I never had as much time, not even weekly, let alone daily to post several outfits, comment on them, detail them, etc, etc. - things usual, dedicated, passionate, stylish and successful bloggers too. The time was never right and every thing happens for a reason.

When 2011 started both my husband and I knew our lives were about to change in a huge, huge way and did they ever. Towards February it was him that moved to the capital of Albania - Tirana (where he is from) to work and to later make a living and live life with his sweetheart - me. I would follow him there right before the Holidays so mid-November I made it there as well. I took the long & tiresome trip from Michigan - the place I called home for almost 15 years - back to My Home Country of Albania. So, I can't be blamed too much for not having time or the right mind-set to blog while jitters, emotions, nerves and a bunch of other overwhelming feelings filled with joy, excitement, fear, enthusiasm, passion, sadness, etc. would surround every ounce of my being. While I was still an avid reader of about 5-6 blogs I follow constantly like a true fan, even that reading I was doing was in the little spare time I had. See, the months I was away from my husband I was working a full-time job, handling a part-time job (for a total of about 65-70 hours of work a week), taking a course, teaching a class, balancing my life and bills, while I moved in with my parents, put the house up for sale and tried to close up all loose ends and finish my work contract before My Huge Life Change.

And as you can imagine, I had to get rid of a ton of stuff, mostly my clothes, shoes and bags. I had over-accumulated a ton of things since I was 18 years old and hoarded many clothes in a way. It was time to do a huge Clean House and Salvation Army received about 70 boxes worth of my "old" wardrobe. I am a huge, addicted shopper what can I say. My new life includes a small one-bedroom apartment which doesn't even have a built-in closet. It is a 'typical' European kind of bedroom where space, especially closet space is not on my side. But I am making it work, despite the fact that I still have a very large wardrobe.

And since we are starting over and since you truly, really don't know me or my style that much, let this post be an introduction to my style and what I like, as well as what I like to wear, before I start posting and detailing Outfits of the Day.

So, Beautiful Ladies, let me begin by saying that this is the beginning of a new Life in every aspect, including the beginning of a new Fashion Life!! But first things first, you should know that I looove, love, love Dresses and wear them a lot, even in colder months (October-March). As a matter of fact I own a lot of sweater dresses and wear these kinds, too. Since dresses make up a huge part of my wardrobe and I own close to 200 (even though I got rid of about 80 dresses) I want to start this first part of my introduction by "introducing" you to some of my dresses and to an item of clothing I absolutely love, adore and wear a lot of. Below are some DRESS outfits I have worn 'in the past', year 2010 to be exact.

 So, please do not mind my pasty white skin, here. LOL   
Occasion: Out and about with my husband, (shopping at the mall, coffee with hubby & a cousin, etc.)
Cotton, Casual, Purple, Halter Dress w/ Ruffled Neckline: Express.
Cropped, Blue Jean Jacket: Target.
Purple, Rosette Headband: The Limited.
Big, Black, Plastic Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger.
Cognac, Frayed, Suede Leather Flat Sandals (you can't see): Express.
 Again I had no tan whatsoever last summer but oh well. The photo doesn't do justice to the dress, it is so much prettier in person with the full bubble-out effect of the skirt and the pretty lavender and light pink flowers. Also the style is a sheath, but a sassy, sexy one. It also has pockets which I love. The photo doesn't do justice to the Cork Peep-Toe Pumps either.
Occasion: "Sex & The City 2" Movie. Evening with a bunch of girls (we went to see the movie and then went out for cocktails.)
Baby Pink & Ivory, Floral, Silk Sheath w/ Pockets: Bebe.
Earrings: The Limited.
Pink, Plastic Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole.
Leather, Silver Clutch w/ Cut-Out Handle: Express.
Nude, Cork, Peep-Toe Pumps: Baker's.
This was a lovely day down-town Royal Oak having lunch with a dear friend of mine who came to visit from Chicago, IL. 
Occasion: Lunch w/ My Friend Laura.
Bright Yellow, Silk, Retro-Style Dress: The Limited.
Colorful, Stripped, Canvas Purse w/ Camel Leather Trim: Fine Italian Brand Designer (I forgot the name of the designer.)
Colorful, Stripped, Orange, Yellow, Red (et.al) Espadrille Sandals: Payless.
 I like to refer to this as my Mosaic Art Dress that I wore for my 30th Birthday Dinner that My Parents hosted in My Honor, on May 4th 2010. My Beautiful, Modern Purple Sheath matches that gorgeous painting on the wall.
Occasion: My 30th Birthday (Dinner).
Art-Print, Purple, Periwinkle, Black & White, Silk Sheath: Bebe.
Stretchy, Black, Beaded Bracelet: Ann Taylor.
Black, Buckled, Leather Slingback Pumps: Nine West.


  1. wow moving to albania
    see you there then Ada

  2. I am there. When will you be here doll? Are you coming for the holidays, for XMas/New Year? If so I'd love to see you, we should meet up for sure. =)

  3. OMG ! starting a life in Albania sounds soooo interesting :)
    Keep up the posts...

  4. I will keep them up, for sure. Where are you from Lorena?


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