I AM BAAAACK!!! A very very belated yet fashionable (I hope) post.

Why I haven't posted in forever?!! Ehh the reasons are one and many, but the bottom line is ....what it comes down to is Time & Dedication. That combined with a 70-75 hour work schedule weekly (without even counting the driving), not having my own camera (I broke mine in January), not having a Tripod, not having a person available to take my photos daily (my husband is currently working in Europe for a few months so as you can imagine I am missing him terriblyyyyy), etc, etc. equals to a very empty blog which lacks in both writing and photos of OOTD. But whether you believe me or not I shower, do my hair, put some makeup on, dress and make myself presentable daily, I'd like to think in a pretty, chic and fashionable manner. At least I get complimented on my clothes and jewelry daily.

However I have been lurking in here, doing a lot of reading, envying a lot of wonderful looks, admiring a lot of fashionable bloggers, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, SASSY & FUNNY FASHIONISTAS (I'll speak more of them in a later post, sometime this week). I have liked, admired and envied these girls not just about their outfits but also about their super stylish dedication and strong will (as well as having time) in posting daily or almost daily and in even doing clothes' challenges such as Kendi's 30 for 30. =) I have told myself that I will do such a challenge myself come May. Hopefully I'll have a camera by then. LOL

Anyway, I have yet another super-busy week ahead of me. I am a big procrastinator in a lot of things, but not having much time at all (as in free leisure time), puts some necessary tasks and things that need to be done and TO DO LISTS in a backup list, rather than make them a priority (though some of them truly are such.) I am finally getting my taxes done this week. I don't do mine myself because they are quite complicated working several jobs, freelance-writing, privately tutoring, having student loans, having work expenses, and being married, too. So I leave them to the smart people who are paid to do such a thing. Plus even if I could do my own taxes, I don't have the nerves or time to occupy myself with them. I have better things to do in my limited time off like get some work done around the house, catching up on a little TV and read you my dear Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Followers.

So without further ado, I present you a few outfits I have worn this past winter (from whatever photos I have taken when I have had the chance, time and a camera to do so.) I can't believe April is here and spring is sort of coming, I say sorta because it's not really quite Spring in Michigan till about Easter time and today on April 3rd 2011 is terribly cold, with a little snow flurries, lots of rain and terrible high winds which brought the temperatures down, even more.

So here are some attempts at looking decent while still being cozy this winter. Enjoy and please comment back. I'd love that. =)

Occassion: A Holiday Party I threw for Family & Friends at Our House, this past December 2010.
Golden-Ivory, Shimmery, Circle-Print, Strapless Dress: The Limited.
Hot Pink, Floral, Pointy Pumps: Guess.
Beige Pearl & Crystal Dangly Earrings: Swarovski.
Rings & Bracelet: Gifts from My Husband.
P.S. I thought I looked quite pretty, chic, sexy (without trying too hard) as the Hostess of this Party. Also the dress was totally Holiday-Appropriate for me. I might have been a little over-dressed but it's my party, my home, my rules. LOL The Fashionista in me definitely wouldn't 'cut it' in jeans and a pretty top. I am glad that most of my friends were dressed pretty good. My family is usually dressed up rather than dressed down so this outfit was right up the alley for my family.

Occassion: My Uncle's Annual Christmas Day Dinner.
Pinstripped, Brownish-Charcoal Pants and Ruffled-Front Mint-Green Shell Sweater: The Limited.
Mint-Green, Silk-Lined, Christmasy Cardigan: Old Navy. (I have had this cardi in my closet since XMas 2005 or so and had only worn it once before, it had gotten lost in one of my huge closets LOL.  Anyways I am glad I found it because it's a great Holiday Sweater. It has this beautiful Silk Shantung Emerald Green Lining inside featuring a Paisley Asian Pattern. And worn with my other sweater underneath it looked kind of like a twin-set that didn't quite match yet looked greatly paired up.)
Beaded, Green Earrings: Arden B.
P.S. My Uncle throws an Annual Christmas Party. He has made it a tradition for the last 6 years, though this past Christmas my parents also threw a Christmas Dinner at their new home, so we had the one at my Uncle's on December 24th and the one at my Parents' on the 25th.

Occassion: Lunch with my husband.
Brown Knit Sweater Cardigan & Red Nylon Turtleneck: The Limited.
Blue Jeans with Gold Embroidery: Express.
Purple & Pink Knit Scarf: American Eagle.
Brown, Slouchy, Cozy Boots: Diba (DSW).
Drop Pearl Earrings: Express (I think.)
Silver Gray Ribbon Headband with a Bow: Forever 21.
P.S. This was one very cold January Day. I remember I had gloves and a thick knit cap that day on, too, with a heavy, semi-long coat. My husband and I went for lunch at Rojo Restaurant. It's a Mexican Bistro that features a lovely buffet at lunch-time. They make the best and freshest guacamole, prefered table-side by a Chef.

Occassion: Movie Night with My Lovely Cousin Mariela.
Pink/White Stripped Cardigan with little pockets; Thick Black Leggings & Pink/Gold Shimmery Scarf: Express.
Hot Pink Patent Leather Booties: Payless Shoe.
Gold Beaded Drop Earrings: The Limited.
P.S. Movie Nights have been rare and spare these last 6 months as well. I can count them in 3 fingers. =D But at least when I have gone to the movies, I have managed to look cute and do dinner afterwards, too. I am holding on to spring here, as this is taken in March, yet I am wearing a Bold Pink mostly.

Occassion: Lunch with My Lovely First Cousin, (Little Sister & Best Friend) Gloria.
Wool, Mustard Yellow Coat: Bebe.
Cropped Blue Jeans: The Limited.
Cheetah Print Booties: DSW.
Leather Teal Purse: (a brand-name but I forgot which, from) Marshalls.
Red Hoops: Charlotte Russe.
P.S. This was taken in front of Olive Garden (Yummy!!) where Gloria and I had a late lunch, early dinner on January 1st to Celebrate the New Year. Sometimes I throw colors and patterns together and they work, (this is such a case), and other times they don't LOL either way it's OK. You live and learn. =) I love how bold and colorful this outfit looks, especially on a wintery cold day with snow on the ground. Underneath I was wearing a long tunic sweater which was black yet a little bold because it had panels of sequins. I wanted to celebrate the Holiday after all. LOL

Occassion: A Very Rare Club Night Out with My Girlfriends.
Powder-Pink Ivory Pants: New York & Co.
Beige + Ivory Polka Dot, Neck-Tie, Silk Blouse: bebe.
Leather, Black Stiletto Booties: Nine West.
P.S. I hadn't remember going out (before this) in months, definitely not with my girlfriends, well this evening was an exception. I put together a stylish, elegant, yet club-friendly outfit. I wanted to be pretty warm and comfy since it was 12 degrees below zero out and I had to park a little far, too. I wish you could see the details better, especially the blouse but it is not from my camera (rather from my phone) and this photo came out a little grainy. This blouse is gorgeous. I have a lot of stunning silk blouses from bebe. This blouse is one of my faves. It is a little low-cut so I figured for a club it's OK to show some cleavage.

OK this is it for tonight. I have been blogging here for over an hour. This week, I will post another blog like this one, with makeup outfits from this winter, and that is a Promise I can, and WILL KEEP. Good Night and Have a Great New Week Everyone. Stay Warm and Cross Your Fingers that Spring will be here, soon!


  1. finally, you haven't been posting
    you haven't been commenting
    nothing for a long time
    glad to see you back

  2. Anjeza (Dolls Factory) I have missed you. Sorry I have been so darn busyyyyyy. Thanks for stopping by and showing me some love. <3


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