Tuesday Feature: ADA - the Girl Who Ended Her Twenties in Style!! [Part 1.]

Unlike every week, today's Tuesday Feature is on myself since tomorrow on May 4th is My Birthday. =) So YEAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! (This title says it all about how old I am. LOL Well I am not one to hide my age anyways.) So to honor My Birthday and the milestones I have left behind, as well as to celebrate my clothes plus my love of everything I shop for that has to do with Style & Fashion, I am dedicating this feature to myself. =) After all this is my blog and most bloggers post daily outfits of themselves, dedicating blogs daily to themselves!! =D

My birthday is tomorrow so starting tomorrow and through the rest of the week I plan on celebrating a little with my loved ones, looking pretty & stylish all the way. I even bought myself new dresses and accessories for this occassion. =) In this post I am going to post Birthday Outfits from the last 5-6 previous Birthdays I have celebrated. I didn't have a blog then, so I am sure you would be interested to see what I came up with during my birthday. I am a dresses and skirts/blouses girl without having an occassion, let alone when I do have occassion to dress up & celebrate, so here are My Birthday Outfits from the years & milestones left behind, taking beautiful memories and spending great times with great people, along the years. =) Enjoy them. I had just as much fun bringing back the memories as I am posting these. ;-)

YEAR 2006

Where & When: It was the Eve of my Birthday on May 3rd 2006 (celebrating together with one of my closest, best friends Denise) @ Tucan Tango in West Bloomfield, MI. (We had soooo much fun together that night and we even ran into some people we know.)
Silk, See-Through, Black & Beige Blouse: The Limited.
Cropped, Silk, Dressy, Black Cargo Pants: Forever 21.
Gold, Plastic, Bobble Bracelet: Old Navy.
Skinny Watch w/ Lime-colored Band: Avon.
Black, Silk & Beaded, Pointy Sling-back Pumps: DSW.

Where & When: Right down the stairs from our Apartment building, (at the time). These Photos were taken just for fun by my lovely husband. It was a pretty, warm & springy May day, right on May 4th 2006, exactly on my birthdate. The little pond with ducks looked so pretty.
Black & White, Breezy, Poplin, Halter Dress: The Limited.
Little, Silver Drop Earrings: I don't Know.
Cognac & Black, Platform Wedges w/ Flower Cut-Outs: Esprit.
P.S. Later that day Hubby & I had dinner @ Carraba's in Novi, but I don't have a full-length photo from my outfit. I changed dresses. (I Wore a little floral dress from American Eagle, with a Baby Pink Curduroy Blazer since it was a little chilly.)
YEAR 2007

Where & When: Dinner (with My Husband) @ Carraba's Restaurant in Novi, MI on the Eve of my Birthday on May 3rd 2007.
Fuchsia-Red, A-Line, Girly, V-Neck Dress w/ Brown Sash: The Limited.
Washed-Out Denim Blazer: Rampage.
Fuchsia Plastic Bangles: Express.
 Beaded Purple/Lavender, Ombre Necklace: Express.
 Beaded Earrings w/ Coral, Orange & Red Stones: Express.
Maroon, Fan-Shaped, Evening Bag: Old Navy.
Black Stilettos with Colorful Circles: Nine West.

Where & When: We started the night @ Bamboo Club and then we spent most of that Friday evening @ Club M-Bar-Go, (on my actual Birthdate), May 4th 2007. (This was a birthday celebration with my best friend Denise and some of my friends from work.)
Breezy, A-Line, White Cotton Dress: The Limited.
 Silver Drop Earrings: The Limited.
Silver Rhinestone Bracelet + Silver, Rhinestone Cocktail Ring: Express.
Periwinkle, Snake-Skin, Wedge Sandals: BCBG.
Where & When: Tucan Tango on May 5th 2007. (This time I celebrated My Birthday and Cinco De Mayo over Tapas and Drinks @ Tucan, on Saturday Night with My Lovely Cousins & Young Family Members.)
Dressy Black Pants: JC Penney's.
Mustard, V-Neck Sweater w/ Puffy, Elbow-Length Sleeves: The Limited.
Small Drop Earrings w/ Lime Rhinestones: NY & Co.
Little Silver Necklace w/ Silver & Baby Blue Rhinestones: Wet Seal.
Black T-Strap Pumps: DSW.

Where & When: Our Joint Big Birthday Bash on May 19th 2007 @ Tucan Tango. (My Husband's Birthday is also in May, right after mine. That year we decided to throw a huge birthday party for us both, at our favorite Spanish-inspired club/bar @ the time Tucan Tango [R.I.P.] There were about 50 people that showed up, close friends, some co-workers, cousins, etc. We had a great, great time and I never felt sexier or younger, looking like a Golden Greek Godess, head to toe. Even matching our golden balloons.)
Grecian-Style, One-Shoulder, Metallic, Mini Dress Dress: Bebe.
 Gold Bangles (on the right wrist): bebe.
Gold & Silver Rhinestone Cocktail Ring: Macy's.
Gold Cuff (on the left wrist): Lord & Taylor.
Gold Hoop Earrings: H&M.
Mustard-Gold, T-Strap Gladiator Sandals: Nine West.
Hair & Makeup. By Me.

 Where & When: @ Our Apartment the Morning After Our Big Birthday Party (with Our Second Birthday Cake). May 20th 2007.
Blue Jean, Very Mini-Skirt: Guess.
Magenta Bow-Tie-Neck Tee: Express.
Birthday Cake: Local Bakery (Yummy).

P.S. I started writing this post yesterday (on May 3rd 2011) in the evening but after dinner and a glass of wine I got tired and never got back to it until today on my Birthday. So here are just some of my Past Birthday Outfits. Stay Tuned for Part 2.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Love all the photos and I adore the 2007 nine west b-day shoes with the colorful circles. So cute!

  2. Thanks so much Londyn. I had a great birthday. I love those shoes too, they are some of my favorites I own. Most of my shoes are Nine West by the way. I find them pretty and colorfu, fual, yet practical, very comfortable. They have very thin spiky heels, but are not too high.

  3. happy belated birthday :)


  4. Happy birthday, you're so pretty !

    I like your blog !

    If you like french fashion, you should check out mine, and follow me if you like it ;)


    www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  5. Thanks everyone and I am sorry I have been MIA. Just too busy and never enough time to take a ton of photos, let alone daily pics of my outfits. Everything is about to change for me this mid fall, and therefore I am very busy till that happens. But once it does, you will get DAILY BLOG POSTS & DAILY OUTFITS. Thanks all for your love and support and please keep on coming back here and following me and my fashions.

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