A Springy Outfit from Work to Dinner. =)

I love me some fun, bold, colorful, sassy, cute and notice-me clothes. I certainly have many bold and fun pieces in my wardrobe, though I wouldn't wear more than 3 at once LOL. But every now and then I want to be able to create an outfit that will take me from work to dinner and even to after-dinner drinks. I wore this polished yet cute-for-the-evening outfit, from work to a dinner out with my favorite man: my husband of course. As you will see I have paired slim satin black pants with simple, not very high (pretty practical) suede black pumps, and a cute blouse with a small pastel floral print and a low V-neck (but not low enough for work since I put a seamless flesh-colored camisole underneath). Oh and this is a few weeks old but you know by now I am late with blogging as always, so my hair has grown quite a bit since that last haircut. So here are the results of my simple but elegant day-to-evening look.

P.S. Dinner was yummy too, by the way. We went to Champps. We even had room for a large Lager each and we shared a colossal piece of New York Cheesecake drizzled with chocolate & caramel, yummyyyyy!!!
Slim, Satin Black Pants: Old Navy.
Wide-Sleeve Pastel, Small Flower-Print Blouse + Seamless Brown Camisole (Under): NY & Co.
Beaded Gold, Antique-Looking, Chandelier Earrings: Vintage.
2 Bracelets: Brown & Orange, Both Stretchy Bobble Style: Charlotte Russe.
Leather Nude Jacket: Banana Republic (it's so soft and neutral, I love it.)
Orange Leather Purse: Prada (purchased in my honeymoon, in Italy, Summer of 2005.)
Parfume: J'Ador by Lancome (one of my top 3 favorite parfumes.)
Black, Suede, Slingback Pumps w/ Buckle Detail: Payless Shoe Source.


  1. Jadore eshte nga Dior :-)
    and I love the blouse

  2. You look great! What a pretty top!


  3. DF I didn't even notice that I put Lancome for J'adore (e di fare mire qe eshte nga Dior, ishte thjesht nje gabim pa menduar LOL. Do ta korrigjoj, une as e kisha vene re pa e thene ti.) Me ka marre malli Anjeza, me shkruaj me shpesh.

    Corie Thanks. Start following me and I will do the same. =)


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