Express Dresses & Rompers on My Wish List.

Today's Post is all about Express as in the brand, the store. More specifically this is about the new Express Dresses I am craving and hunting to buy this Spring/Summer. I have always liked Express (for the past decade or so), especially for its cute and girly tops, its nice and versatile (as well as colorful) sweaters, its great-fit and stylish jeans and especially for their dresses, specifically for their casual, easy-to-wear dresses. I own a lot, a lot of Express stuff, though I haven't shopped much there in the last 6-9 months, but I think that's about to change LOL.

I still love Express and I do appreciate their promotion sales and how many coupons they send so often whether by Mail or E-Mail. I have especially been buying lots of dresses from them, in the last 5-6 years, even more so during spring & summer. I am not going to lie to you guys and say that the quality of their dresses is still the same because it isn't (at least I didn't think so the last few times I was there). By the same quality I mean nice, good, not cheap-looking or cheap materials, worth it for their mid-to-fairly-expensive price range. The quality of the dresses has gone down for sure, at least I thought so Last Fall/Winter and I didn't buy any Holiday Dresses Last Winter from their line, except one. I went to the store one late November day with the mindset of looking and shopping for dresses only and I tried about 12 dresses on, about 3-4 of them looked like were falling apart while still in tags (though a couple of these I adored style-wise), some were cheap-looking or too short at least for my age and for my taste (I am not 20-21 anymore). I decided that I only liked about 4 or 5 of the ones I tried and I loved 2-3 of them but only decided to buy the one I had to have and looked for dresses elsewhere. So, I settled for a little more pricey, some of them fancier, yet a much much better quality, style and fit and I bought 4 dresses at Bebe, 5 dresses at White House/Black Market as well as 3 at The Limited (and these many dresses just in the month of December alone - YES I AM A SHOPAHOLIC). Needless to say I have only worn 3 of all of these dresses but trust me the occasions and time will come for me to wear all of them. I am very much A DRESS GIRL. I wish I didn't live in super wintery-cold Michigan just so that I could wear dresses more often.

So anyways, this post is about some cute and nice dresses and rompers from Express I have on my wish-list for this Spring Summer season 2011. I have seen most of these dresses in person, so I have actually touched them (LOL) though I haven't tried them on and some I saw online. I must say the quality of these dresses is nicer than the selection they had over the Holiday season. I am especially after the more casual, cutesy dresses that you can throw a cardigan or blazer over, yet you can totally dress up with pumps, stilettos, dangly earrings and a cute clutch for a night out in town. So, here is my wish list of the Express Dresses & Rompers "I am after" now. I plan on starting shopping for them as early as next week and I will refer back to this post and review them as to what I liked on my body, what I ended up buying, liking and disliking, etc. For now I am sharing with you the photos of the dresses, starting with the casual ones and ending with the fancy ones. =) Enjoy!!

You probably see a pattern here (as far as what I like), but I am loving the whimsical feeling of their Spring/Summer line this year.Very Chic and Bohemian, very me in an every day appeal. =) I love the little and cute florals and as always ruffles. I have always and will forever love ruffles. These ruffled Express Dresses (and rompers) will to my collection of ruffled dresses (from past seasons) I already have from Express. Most of these dresses are day dresses, pretty but yet they would make me feel relaxed and easy while I am wearing them. I really want #s 2, 3, 5  & 7. And as I am posting these, I just reminded myself that the last time I purchased dresses from Express (in July of last year), I have dress #6, either mine is the same or super-similar as this year's edition. =) Hahaha.

These six dresses are more fancy, definitely dress-up, cocktail party or event type of dresses. The first 2 dresses (the fitted ruched silk ones with two different colors), Express has been known to do and put out every season for the past two years or so. I have this same exact dress in a rich Red from the Holiday Season 2009 and I absolutely love it. I have been meaning to buy one or two in a 2-tone (different color top, different color bottom) but haven't done so, yet. They are pricey at their full price of 128$, but if you wait for a promotion or let alone a sale or clearance most sizes are gone. So I will hopefully purchase one or two of these with one of the famous Express coupons (I love me a deal.) I wish I would have purchased the one that was silver and powder pink (from last season) but I didn't. =( I must get my hands on the Green/Turquoise one as soon as possible because it will be gone soon. These 100% silk, ruched dresses are still a very good quality and a beautiful fit; Express has striked gold with this style. This Summer they are making an all-white version, a little different material dress of this same style (dress #6). They are also making the one-shoulder, 2-tone version of this dress (dress #5) - and this one-shoulder in rich jewel tones, I MUST GET MY HANDS ON, TOO. LOL White Dress # 3 is also a popular style from Express, a style which I think bebe started 4 years ago. I have several fitted, banded dresses from both Express & Bebe, yet not exactly like this one and I can always use another white dress. =P And last but not least I love the sweetheart, strapless navy/indigo, chiffon-looking, short & sassy dress (#4) so I am going to give this a try, as well.

I bought my first romper from Express two summers ago. It's a casual, cottony one in a hot pink color which I have enjoyed wearing especially during a beach vacation. I also have a brown one and a metallic one. I have two cute rompers from Armani Exchange from last summer, as well. I need to add a longer (not shorts-style but rather capri length) in my wardrobe, definitely a black one so #5 looks like a Definite Must-Buy for me. I also really like #2 and #3. I have to see the other two rompers in person, because they might look really cheap quality and if so, I can always find cheaper, cute, every-day, totally casual rompers from Forever 21 or Love Culture. =)

WISH ME LUCK AND HAPPY SHOPPING!! I am sooooo looking forward to May and summer-time so I can wear lots and lots of dresses. May is my favorite month of the year after all (maybe my birthday and my husband's birthday have something to do with it. =D)


  1. Love all of these. i am so ready for the spring season!


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