Fun Fall Shoot.

One of the things I like to do the most during this gorgeous Autumnal Season is taking photos. There is so much beauty in the nature, so many leaves that captivate a story, as well as my mind - I can't help it. I am told that I am a photogenic girl and God knows I love having my photo taken. But at the same time, I am pretty good behind the camera too and I love taking/shooting photos myself, just as much as being in them. =] We had a little fun photo-shoot in the  among the falling leaves (my husband and I). These photos are just *some* of the results. Enjoy them!!

The Photo-shoot started spontaneously, inside (in the bathroom LOL) as I was getting ready, and we then went outside, to experience the Gorgeousness that is Fall in Michigan.
I had to take some photos of my hubby, too, of course. So photographers and models switched parts. ;-)
He is quite A LOOKER isn't he? Ahhh, I am a LUCKY Girl.<3
Ending this album with a couple of pics snapped by my husband's hand, of both of us, of course.
Navy Corduroy Blazer: INC (from Macy's.)
Shimmery Seafoam Tank-top: Guess.
Olive Green, Cargo Pants w/ Fun Buckles & Hardware Detail: TJ Maxx.
Long, Silvery Plastic Bobble Necklace: The Limited.
Gold Chain, Gold & Silver Rhinestone "Skull" Pendant Necklace: Incognito Boutique (in Royal Oak, Michigan).
"Newspaper-Print" Pointy Booties: A Boutique in Albania. 


  1. Lovely pics!

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog :)
    It's so nice to meet new people.
    Your blog is great :)

  3. What a lovely blog! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Hello there! I love all the leaves in these pics; it just screams that Fall is in the air! I also love how you include so much of your life and activities in your posts.

    I wanted to make sure and let you know I've had fun looking through your blog and have you in my regular list of sites I visit. With the hundreds of blogs I look through, I may not have time to comment as you do - but I'm there none the less!

    I also wanted to say thanks for all of the thoughtful comments that you've been leaving on my blog (I can't believe you've read ALL of them!?!?). You've asked me several questions and I've been responding in the comment sections of my posts. Make sure you select the comments option that states "email follow up comments to me" to ensure you get the answers :)

    Finally, I know you asked to facebook, email, and such, but I've made it my practice to keep all my internet connections as that and just don't feel comfortable sharing the personal info you asked.

    Hope you continue to love and have a fabulous time blogging!

  5. hey come by and check out my blog hope you like and i enjoyed reading through yours!

  6. Love the fall pictures - especially the ones in the leaves!!


  7. Thank you all girls, in particular Londyn & Carrie. I enjoy both of yopur blogs a lot.

    Londyn, I don't have that much time either, as I work 2 jobs as I've told you. I usually work about 60 hours a week, therefore I don't have much time to take photos and post daily outfits and new posts, into my blog, either. I post here whenever I can. But I've been able to read your blog from the very beggining as I've liked your style and fashions very much, so I have only concentrated in your blog for the past 4-5 weeks or so and in the evening when I go online and watch the tv shows I miss (the ones I follow), I also check up on e-mail and facebook, and mostly read and follow your stylish daily outfits. Your style and impeccable taste always impresses me. We actually have similar styles and like/prefer similar or the same things, as well as similar clothes, shoes, stores, etc.

    Free Bird Carrie, your blog and title of the blog is very FREEDOM-like, a true beautiful inspiration and fun journey. I have to come check up your blog more often. Gosh I wish there were more hours in the day. LOL

  8. Fall??? I thought you lived in the northern hemisphere in europe is spring . Love the leaves that make a frame to the looks


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