Dressed Up for a Movie Night with a Girlfriend.

I know I have been MIA but I have had a very busy week and an extremely busy weekend. I actually work every day this week, with 3 doubles in a row this weekend. Working two jobs certainly keeps one busy but I like it this way. Plus, I sure have a lot of bills and I am a huge shopaholic. How could I afford my huge closet otherwise? Ohh and it doesn't help that I have expensive taste. I am a taurus after all and two of our best and worst (at the same time) traits are that we are very stubborn and we have excellent taste. But great taste comes at a great price. However, as much as I like quality in clothes, shoes, purses and such I wouldn't spend an insane amount on money on one item only. I do go after deals and steals, sales and coupons, like all of us (especially necessary in today's world and global financial crisis.)

However, I did manage to go to the movies 3 times just these last few weeks. One of these movie dates was with my dear, good friend Denise. When it comes to style we are as simple as can be despite the fact that we are very close, best friends and also pretty much the same age (she is a year younger.) I prefer colors whether she is more black, white and a little light blue or red every now and then. I prefer dressing up while she prefers dressing down. If I do wear hats, they are more girly like floppy hats, berets or French caps, while she dons Baseball caps all the time. I prefer cute shoes like slingbacks, heels and ballet flats, or even loafers, while she prefers tennis shoes and simple flat boots that are comfy though not always so pretty. But she is such a naturally pretty girl with such warmth and beauty inside that radiates through her tennis shoes, jeans & sport caps. =)
These photos are taken from a movie night out with Denise at Emagine Movie Theatre. The best part about Emagine Theatres is that they offer alcoholic beverages. I don't know about you, but especially if you're in the right mood watching the right movie, a cocktail or wine, plus some popcorn goes great while watching a film. =)

As you can tell from these photos, stores, super-markets, as well as movie theaters have already started their celebration and decoration for Halloween, and are about to decorate for the End of the Year Holiday Season. They have started to advertise their Christmas Movies and such. =) Since XMas time is My Favorite Time and Holiday of the year, I look forward and pay attention to Christmas Movies since I love them so much. Actually "The Holiday" is one of my most favorite Holiday Movies. Also, a lot of the movies that come out at the end of the year, are MUST-SEE(s) and movies to really pay attention to, because they sure save the best for last as a lot of these movies are Oscar contenders. ;-)
Red, Scoopneck Tee: Forever 21.
Black Denim Jacket: Old Navy.
Black & Red Long Necklace w/ Wooden Bobbles: The Limited.
Red, Bow, Velvet Headband: The Limited.
Black Pinstripe Trousers: Mervyn's California.
Cognac Stiletto Sandals: Nine West.
Cognac, Leather Handbag: Marshalls (don't remember the brand.)


  1. always love girl nights out. . and yes, style comes at a price. work hard, spend hard. . you deserve it! :)

  2. ahh girls night out is always so fun. I love your necklace, i've never seen one with two different colors. Very cool!


  3. what a great blog!

    have a nice time!

  4. fun photos <3 you ladies look wonderful!! it looked like a great girls night out :)

  5. THANK YOU GIRLS. ALL OF YOU. =) Yes, we did have a Great Time. ;-)

  6. love the shoes. Nice pics.xx


  7. You are lucky to get a pretty Fall. In Phoenix, Fall is more like a long summer.

  8. Thank you Ara & Laraine. Yesss, Fall is Gorgeous in Michigan. However I like & enjoy AZ as a state. It os one of my most favorite places/states in US. =)

    P.S. Thanks for joining/following my blog.


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