Thursday, October 14, 2010

FALL-ing into His Arms...

Have I told you that Fall or Autumn (however you like to call it!!) is My Most Favorite Season EVER?? Especially here in Michigan where you can find leaves in every color possible: blue, purple, orange, yellow, rusty, green, lime, pink, fuchsia, magenta, red, maroon, coffee, indigo - you name it. This season is truly inspiring in Michigan. It inspires me to write, to take a walk and enjoy the semi-cold, semi-warm yet fresh air, to take my dog for a walk, to mix a martini or create a new cocktail drink inspired by the gorgeous colors of this season, etc. Of course it inspires me to dress comfortably-chic, super elegant, stylish & colorful yet understated, too.

Below you will see an outfit with lots of mixing and matching mostly from 2-3 stores. The main colors here are plum, purple, maroon, dark orange and blue - just like the colors of the lawns filled with the ever-changing, color-transforming leaves and just like the colors of the rainbow autumnish trees. I wore this outfit recently down-town Milford for an evening of dinner and drinks as a double date with my husband, as well as my sister Gloria and her Boyfriend. We had a lot of fun as usual, plus many laughters, good food and an even better conversation. =) I love the homey & cozy feeling of the little down-town that the city of Milford, MI has to offer.

This is My Husband and I in our of our usual poses. We always pose together in our dinner dates. I love being under his hold, in his his arms. ;-)
Isn't my sister Gorgeous? We are 9 years apart (she is younger.) Can you guess our ages? LOL I love this photo of us. =)
2 Very Close & Dear People to Me: Piro & Gloria. ♥ them A TON!
One of MY MOST FAVORITE Photos from that day. I Love it.
"Worn" Blue Jeans: Charlotte Russe.
 Burgundy Leg Warmers: Charlotte Russe.
Plum Button-Down Shirt: The Limited.
Purple/Magenta/Orange/Rust Argyle Vest: The Limited.
Silk Flower, Purple Headband: The Limited.
Dusty Purple, Faux Suede, Peep-Toe Wedges: Fioni.
Gray & Navy, Logo-Printed Handbag: XOXO. 
 Black Leather Jacket: Express.


  1. I love your sweater vest - and that it's argyle. Both of those features sing "fall" to me!


  2. Thank you for following !
    I adore how you pull off those pretty leg warmers!

  3. Thank You Beautiful Free Bird & Lorena. Please Follow my Blog as I am a Dedicated Follower of both of you.

    P.S. This outfit screams FALL to me, as well. ;-)

  4. Thanks girl. I THINK I DID LEG-WARMERS in a 2010 way, not like in the 80s though this outfit has smth retro about it. ;)

  5. those leg warmers are the bomb! i'm trying to style my tall socks more and there are quite the challenge!

  6. I tried leg-warmers for the first time ever in my life, last year and I've done that look 3-4 times since. You should try it. It's a fun, cool, retro look. Thanks DaShannon.


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