Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Beautiful, the Playful, the Sleepy, the Fun, the Cute, the Funny, the Smart - Our Little Dog PUFFY.

So, I am dedicating this blog to a special member of our family, our "little baby" Puffy. In December of this year, he will be 6 years old. My family & I (my parents and brother) have had him since he was about 2 lbs (less than a kilogram) when he was just a few weeks old. We fell in love with him at first sight, even-though he was super super tiny and not as cute (LOL) then. He is a half Yorkie and half Maltese breed. Usually he is more hairy than in the photos below but we shave and groom him at least once for every season (every 3 months). These photos of his are taken just a few days ago in Late August 2010. We shaved his beautiful, thick hair back in June and now it has grown some. =)

He is really a ball of fur and joy mixed into one. He is a Fluffy, Real Cute Puppy, The Sweetest Little Thing. We love him so much. ♥♥♥ And on top of it all, my brother has trained/taught him both in English and Albanian so he responds to both. He knows all of our names and responds to them, if he hears them when we talk to each-other or on the phone. He even knows all of our rooms, where we sleep. He loves to play, especially with little balls he holds in his mouth. He is also quite athletic because he runs those stairs (26 of them) up and down several times a day. He is a very territorial and protective dog, so if you're in his territory, he might just bite you. He is also a little bit the jealous type. =P He loves to run, play and lick us. He loves, loves licking us. For some reason he is fascinated with my face so he literally licks me head to toe, especially on my face.

Enjoy these photos of him. I will post more in the future. Happy, Healthy Life Sweet Puffy!!


  1. aww, whatta cutie! i love dogs!

    i am now your newest follower. Come check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you. :D


  2. Love it , and dogs can be fashionabale too. And he is so cute ahaahaha


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  4. Happy 6th Birthday, Puffy!


    Oh, and wonderful blog, Chic Comfort! Looking forward to more posts!

    1. He will be 8 years old this December. Time flies. He is still our baby, though. =) Thank you.

  5. Thank You Both Funny Face Beauty & Mimi. I appreciate your kindess & comments and promise to check out your pages & return the favor.

    P.S. I love my spoiled-rotten Yorkiw Maltese Puppy/ =D

  6. Obviolusy I can't type right today. I meant to say Yorkie*. LOL

  7. Yeah - I'm so glad I found this post! What an angel he is!!! In the last couple pictures he looks just like my Oscar (my own Yorkie)... they curl up to sleep in the exact same way. I can't believe he's a bilingual dog, too! I tried to teach Oscar both English and Spanish, but I don't think I was persistent enough. It's been fun to have mom's puppy in the house, and I really want another Yorkie now ...

    1. I just read this post Bonnie. Thank you so much for the compliments. And yes my dedicated brother worked with him on the bilingual aspect. They trulu are beautiful dogs, though spoiled and a little high-maintenance. =)


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